New Haven Drug Distribution Lawyer

There is a large focus of law enforcement to prioritize drug offenses in New Haven, particularly the sale of narcotics and controlled substances. Over the last several years, the federal government has had numerous large-scale sweeps of alleged drug dealers as well as alleged gang members. The reason why these are pushed in these large-scale crackdowns is because the drug use is leading to additional crimes, such larceny, theft, assault, and gun violence.

As a result, the state and federal government, federal law enforcement is cracking down on the drug possession and distribution charges making it a top priority of law enforcement. Because of this attitude, it is important to work with a skilled drug lawyer who can help to build a defense. An experienced New Haven drug distribution lawyer can also work to ensure that an individual’s rights are protected and that the penalties associated with their offense are minimized as much as possible.

Law Enforcement Focus

The reason possession with intent to sell charges and distribution charges in New Haven are more serious than certain other drug offenses is because the prosecutor or the judge believe that drug use is causing violence and other crimes. Very often they believe that it is not a victimless crime and it leads in the eyes of the prosecutor or the judge to thefts, to larcenies, and to gun violence. So, they take these underlying offenses of selling narcotics very seriously.

That same reasoning and logic is seen by the legislature and the statutes they pass, which require mandatory minimum drug sentences for the sale of narcotics. It is with this background that many prosecutors and judges handle these cases, and as a result, these charges of the distribution and sale of narcotics are taken very seriously and warrant immediate attention from a New Haven drug distribution lawyer.

Aggravating Penalties

In assessing these types of New Haven drug distribution charges, the prosecution will very often look at the individual’s previous criminal record, the number of sales, and the amount of the narcotic or controlled substance that is seized from the person. They look into the defendant’s record, the number of sales, and the amount of the substance inside that the person’s possession. Although many defendants are upset by the fact that the prosecutor and judge will look at their criminal record, which very well may be in their past, unfortunately, it is something that the prosecutors and judges will always factor in when determining a proposed plea bargain in these cases. Due to this fact, a New Haven drug distribution lawyer is important in order to determine what is a fair deal and when it is beneficial to go to trial instead.

Contacting an Attorney

When looking to hire a lawyer, a person would want to hire someone who understands the law in terms of possession and distribution laws. They would want to hire someone familiar with the courthouse and the prosecutors and has handled these types of cases before. A New Haven drug distribution attorney is essential help to someone facing charges.

Someone facing charges will be given hard advice from their attorney and it is important that the person has trust and faith in them, that they are giving the best defense that they can provide, and that they are comfortable working with that person. A person would want to hire someone familiar with that particular jurisdiction, that they are comfortable with, and that they believe is going to fight for them at every step of the case.