Building a Defense For New Haven Possession With Intent to Distribute Charges

When formulating a defense to drug possession with intent to distribute charges in New Haven, skilled drug attorneys look at the exact items, materials, facts, and circumstances that the prosecution is relying on to establish the intent of the defendant. There are many considerations to take when defending an intent to distribute case, and it is important to work with a skilled New Haven drug possession with intent to distribute attorney who can work hard to establish a defense and maintain a positive outcome in a person’s case.

Defense Approach

Once they get an understanding of the crux of the prosecutor’s case, an attorney can formulate a defense to attack those areas. For example, if the state is relying on the fact that they found a scale in the person’s home during a search, attorneys want to find out: Where was this scale found? Was it a scale that was found in the kitchen that is used for baking or is it a scale that was hidden away in a closet with other packaging materials?

While the prosecution and the police put in facts that are beneficial to them, attorneys look at those facts and details and make sure that they are telling the whole story associated with that piece of evidence. The first step in any case defending drug possession with intent to distribute charges in New Haven is looking at the evidence closely and making sure to provide the full context.

Essential Aspects of a Defense

Additionally, lawyers want to determine if these pieces of evidence actually support a finding of intent to sell. In some cases, they may need to consult with former detectives who can discuss the common practice for the drug dealing activities, the amounts of the packaging, and maybe a case to consult with individuals to challenge pieces of the alleged evidence.

Finally, if the client is suffering from substance abuse, attorneys will get them treatment from day one, because that helps any defense to show the court and the prosecutor that the person is taking the case seriously and addressing the underlying issues. So, those are the initial steps to any defense. A person needs to meet with an experienced attorney who can customize a defense to their drug possession with intent to distribute charges in New Haven from the very beginning and put them in the strongest position to establish a solid defense.

Diversion Programs

There are a number of potential diversion programs or alternative sentences available for an individual charged with a possessory offense. Many of these programs result in treatment and a dismissal of the charges. To obtain such a program, it is important that the person puts together a strong defense with an attorney who will be able to advise them on whether or not they are eligible for these programs.

If the person is not, based on the statute, they are able to work with the prosecutor to reduce the charges to a point where they may become eligible for these programs, so there are a number of diversionary programs then available. There are also several jurisdictions that have a drug court, which is another option for an individual suffering from drug addiction that can result in a beneficial outcome to a case. There are a number of options available to people charged with drug offenses, particularly those for which is is their first offense. To determine the best possible program and put the person in the best position to obtain one of those programs, it is important that they hire and discuss the case with an experienced drug attorney who knows how to defend their drug New Haven drug possession with intent to distribute case.