Building a Defense for a New Haven Drug Possession Charge

There are a number of constitutional issues that can arise in any drug case, but typically they involve any illegal search or illegal stop of a motor vehicle. The constitutional issues that arise in connection with a drug case are often of a stop or a search issue, which implicates the Fourth Amendment.

An experienced lawyer can use this information when building a defense for a drug possession charge in New Haven. Consult with an attorney if you are currently facing a New Haven drug possession charge to begin building a defense to help lessen any penalties you may be up against.

Mistakes to Avoid

The biggest mistake to avoid in a New Haven drug possession case in New Haven is not taking it seriously. Very often, these cases are taken seriously, defended from the beginning, and resolved in a favorable way.

However, individuals who do not build a defense, do not contact a lawyer immediately, do not take it seriously, do not listen to the court’s request, and do not abide by the court’s orders can find themselves in a very dangerous position, facing significant periods of incarceration.

Defense Strategies

To build a defense, it is important to start early. Very often, a possession charge can arise from an unconstitutional search or seizure. It is important that the steps, if that is a part of a defense, are explored from the beginning and properly investigated and that the information to best present that defense is evaluated and preserved from the start. Additionally, if there is an underlying addiction component, it is important to vet that from the beginning.

First, this establishes with the court that it is something that the defendant is taking seriously and second, it is avoiding additional arrest. The worst thing that an individual can do while they have a pending case is to get arrested for a new case.

Therefore, building a defense in a New Haven drug possession case on the constitutional issue and building a social defense in terms of addressing the underlying addiction issues are very important and need to begin as soon as possible

Utilizing a Knowledgeable Lawyer

A lawyer’s knowledge surrounding controlled substances and narcotics can help build a defense in a number of respects. First and foremost, they understand the law associated with the different classifications of the controlled substance and the other narcotics, how they implicate different subsections, and the different details and nuances of the laws associated with each particular substance. Therefore, it is important to understand what the substance is and what statutes apply.

Secondly, given lawyers’ interactions with their clients and the court, they can build a treatment plan to help address some of the underlying addiction issues commonly seen in drug possession cases that can be used to obtain a beneficial outcome once they reach a disposition. Factoring in the specific type of substance certainly helps build a treatment plan for each individual. These treatment plans can significantly benefit an individual in the long term when defending their New Haven drug possession charge.