Our Approach to DUI Cases in New Haven

Our New Haven DUI attorneys have the experience, knowledge and skill to fight for you in court and at the DMV. Although the court and the DMV happen at the same time, they are two entirely distinct from one another. The DMV doesn’t know what happens at court and the court doesn’t know what happens the DMV. What that means for you is that you have to fight two cases. Our attorneys will do that for you!

We have an in-depth understanding of the unique police procedures and legal issues that arise in DUI cases. It is our goal to know more about the field tests, chemical tests and legal issues than anyone else in that courtroom and the DMV commissioner. This gives us the ability to point out weaknesses in the state’s case and go to bat for you even when others think it is a lost cause.

Our Approach

With this in-depth understanding, we take a three-prong approach to your defense: (1) Legal Issues; (2) Factual Issues; and (3) Social Issues. By separating your defense into these three areas, we present your defense to the prosecutor and judge in a way that positions you to obtain the results that you desire.

During the legal aspect of your defense, we analyze your case for any potential legal issues such as illegal stops, illegal searches, and violations of your constitutional rights. In terms of factual issues, we examine the evidence to assess whether the state can actually meet its burden to prove that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. For example, the state must prove you were “operating” the motor vehicle and if they can’t prove that fact then they simply won’t be able to meet their burden. Only after exhausting all other avenues and receiving your permission will we dive into potential social defenses. We will discuss your life, what you have experienced and what factors lead you to this point. This allows us to personalize you in the eyes of the state’s attorney and judge in order to demonstrate why you deserve only minimal consequences.

If we can’t work out a disposition that is favorable to out client, we will go to trial and fight the case. Many attorneys don’t recognize weaknesses in the case and will recommend the “standard offer” because “you don’t have a defense.” That’s not our attorneys. Our attorneys have the knowledge and skill to fight these cases! You have options and we will fight the field tests, breath test results and biases testimony of the officers.