Legal Possession and Transportation of a Gun in New Haven

The most common gun offenses and firearm offenses in New Haven are carrying a pistol without a permit or the criminal possession of a firearm. A pistol without a permit is when an individual does not have the proper licensing documents associated with the firearm. If a criminal possession of a firearm occurs when there is an individual who has a disqualifying offense, it is typically a felony, but there are certain misdemeanors as well that prevent an individual from lawfully owning or possessing a firearm.

If an individual in one of those circumstances is found to be in possession of a firearm, they will be charged with criminal possession. If you are facing a charge surrounding the legal possession or transportation of a gun in New Haven, it is crucial to consult with an experienced attorney immediately.

Possessing a Firearm in New Haven

There are many reasons why people possess firearms whether it is for safety, hunting, or sport. There are many legal reasons to possess a firearm as well, but what is important is that if a person is going to possess a firearm that they must do so legally. The consequences for not having the proper paperwork and documentations are severe, and include mandatory jail time, probation and fines.

It is very important that if an individual is going to engage in lawful conduct then they must do so with all the proper paperwork. Many people possess firearms to protect themselves, protect their homes and their families, for hunting and also for sport, and those are all acceptable reasons. The legal possession and transportation of a gun in New Haven is almost certainly lawful under the right circumstances.

Transporting a Firearm

When people are transporting firearms, they need to be very careful because they need to comply with all of the state and federal laws. In Connecticut, in order to transport, a person needs to possess a firearm and therefore, will need to have the proper licenses to possess that firearm. It is very important with even simply transporting a firearm that a person has the proper licensing to possess that firearm.

Local Ordinances

The city of New Haven does not have any specific ordinances that regulate an individual’s ability to carry a firearm. If the laws are generated for the state of Connecticut and those apply to New Haven and throughout the state of Connecticut, it is not a specific ordinance to New Haven. These are state wide laws that apply. In order to carry a firearm, a person needs a concealed carry permit, and in order to possess a firearm, that person must have the concealed carry permit and that applies in New Haven, Bridgeport, Hartford, and any town in Connecticut.

An experienced attorney can assist an individual in understanding the laws and regulations surrounding the possession and transportation of a gun in New Haven.

Benefits of an Experienced Attorney

In terms of working with a lawyer who focuses on criminal work, and in particular gun charges, the advantage is knowing the intricacies of the gun laws, knowing the details associated with the firearm, and knowing the legal issues that come up. Working with an experienced attorney ensures the individual that their attorney is dedicating the necessary time and resources into looking into the case, determining if there are any issues, and having face to face meetings to put together a game plan for fighting the charges.