Building a New Haven Larceny Defense

New Haven lawyers employ a three-pronged approach in their defense strategies when handling theft or larceny cases. First, they look at whether the prosecution can legally prove the factual pieces of the crime. Then they look at whether they have any legal defenses such as suppressing evidence. Finally, the attorney will look at a social defense by analyzing the case and building the defense. Generally, the strategies for building a New Haven larceny defense are determined by the facts of the case and the allegations. If you have been arrested for larceny, reach out to an accomplished larceny lawyer.

State’s Burden of Proof

In order to be convicted of a theft case, the state needs to prove that the defendant intended to deprive another person or entity of property that the defendant did not have a right to possess. The state needs to prove beyond a reasonable doubt all the elements of the charges and, in this case, it is a larceny. The state bears the burden of proof, however, they work aggressively to prosecute individuals who have been charged with larceny. This is why it is wise for a defendant to obtain a lawyer who is experienced in building a New Haven larceny defense.

Evidence Available in Larceny Cases

Often, larceny cases involve shoplifting or a burglary, which means the defense attorney will want to see if there was video surveillance of the scene. If it is a shoplifting case and the defendant claims that they paid for items or there was some sort of misunderstanding, the lawyer will want to obtain the video surveillance to investigate. Video surveillance has become increasingly common in stores, especially with self-scan stations in which everything is recorded. Other common types of evidence used in larceny cases include witnesses. When building a New Haven larceny defense, it is important for the lawyer to investigate and review all the possible types of evidence.

Probation or Sentence Reduction Options

When facing a larceny or theft charge, several potential consequences usually are involved. The most serious consequence is the possible incarceration. Beyond jail time is the potential for probation, fines, restitution, and several collateral consequences. One of the long-term ramifications includes the inability to legally possess a firearm. Therefore, it is important that a defendant does everything they can to fight the charges and mitigate the consequences. This may mean seeing if there are any probation or sentence reduction options available.

Criminal Defense Attorney’s Role in Larceny Cases

When building a New Haven larceny defense, the criminal defense attorney plays a significant role. The lawyer will begin by explaining the process to the defendant and letting them know what options are available to them. The attorney will also determine what needs to be done to pursue and preserve any evidence favorable to the defense. Also, the lawyer will work with the defendant to understand the defendant’s side of the case. The sooner an attorney is contacted, the sooner they can begin to start building a New Haven larceny defense. If you are facing larceny charges, contact a lawyer right away.