New Haven Robbery Lawyer

Robbery is a very serious charge that covers a wide range of allegations. A robbery is simply a larceny (which is just a theft) by force or threat of force. This can include anything from a situation where a person is shoplifting and while running out of the store, pushes a security guard. It may also vary widely from a purse snatching situation to a bank robbery. You can also be charged with conspiracy even if you are not the one taking the property or using the force.

Regardless of the situation, the state’s attorney and judge take these cases extremely seriously because they involve force being used against another person. In many cases involving robbery, it is difficult to avoid jail time. This is especially true when a gun or knife is used or if the victim is injured. You do, however, with the help of a New Haven robbery lawyer, have options to fight these charges.

If you have been arrested for robbery, you need to take the charges against you seriously. The potential consequences to you and your family can be devastating. At Billings & Barrett, our New Haven attorneys will do everything we can to fight for you. We will dissect the case against you, explain the process, and present you with your legal options. At Billings & Barrett, we do everything we can to fight the case and minimize the consequences.

Degrees of Robbery

Recognizing that robbery can cover a wide range of conduct, it has been categorized into three separate degrees:

  • Robbery in the First Degree in violation of Conn. Gen. Stat. § 53a-134;
  • Robbery in the Second Degree in violation of Conn. Gen. Stat. § 53a-135;
  • and Robbery in the Second Degree in violation of Conn. Gen. Stat. § 53a-136.

All robberies require a larceny and the use of force or a threat of force. However several factors distinguish the degrees. First degree robbery can involve a serious injury to the victim, the use of a deadly or dangerous weapon, or the use or threat of a gun. Second degree robbery can involve a situation where two or more people participate in the robbery, the person presents that they have a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument, or the robbery occurs at a bank and the bank employee reasonably fears for their physical safety. Each of these is treated extremely seriously and therefore warrants attention from a robbery lawyer in New Haven.

Robbery Penalties

Charge Statute Maximum Penalty Mandatory Minimum
Robbery 1st Degree: General C.G.S. § 53a-134 Up to 20 years in jail N/A
Robbery 1st Degree: Deadly Weapon C.G.S. § 53a-134(a)(2) Up to 20 years in jail 5 years in jail
Robbery 2nd Degree C.G.S. § 53a-135 Up to 10 years in jail N/A
Robbery 3rd Degree C.G.S. 53a-136 Up to 5 years in jail N/A

How a New Haven Robbery Lawyer Can Help

If you are facing robbery charges, you need to prepare the strongest defense possible from the moment you are arrested. At Billings & Barrett, our New Haven robbery attorneys can advise you every step of the way, fully analyze all aspects of your case, and help provide such a defense for you.

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