Role of a New Haven Theft Attorney

Being charged with a criminal offense of any kind is a scary and intimidating ordeal to experience. The severity of the situation could be heightened with the threat of suffering harsh penalties and other consequences as a result of this offense. Under these circumstances, the role of a New Haven theft attorney is to review the details of your case and inform you of what defensive strategies may be available to you. For legal support, contact a determined larceny attorney today.

Evidence a Lawyer Would Work to Obtain

One of the first pieces of evidence an attorney would work to obtain is a person’s arrest warrant. In the event of a non-seen arrest, an attorney may try to get a probable cause report. In addition, a person’s lawyer may also try to gather any police reports and discovery material. The discovery material may include pictures, videos, fingerprints, and statements from witnesses and the complaint.

A lawyer would also try to obtain an initial discovery report. This report allows for them to figure out that defenses exist and what they should investigate further. Upon gathering this evidence, an experienced attorney could determine a person’s next steps in the criminal process.

Possible Probation or Reduced Sentence Options

When facing a theft charge, there may be possible probation or reduced sentencing options. In cases where the state has strong evidence of a person’s guilt, it may be wise not to take the case to trial. When electing to take a case to trial, there is no guarantee that a person would walk away from the court with a “not guilty” verdict. If found guilty, accused individuals may face severe penalties such as incarceration.

Analyzing Whether to Accept a Plea Bargain

Plea bargains are an integral part of the court system. An attorney could speak with the judge and the prosecution about reducing the potential sentence with the condition that the person accused of the offense pleads guilty. It would make sense for some accused individuals to work plead guilty instead of taking a case to trial. When determining whether to take a plea bargain, an attorney would first review the details of the case and inform the accused individual of the recommended course of action. If it is found that the prosecution has convincing evidence to get a result in their favor, the role of a New Haven theft attorney would be to advise the individual to settle for a plea deal.

Call to Learn More About the Role of a New Haven Larceny Attorney

One of the main benefits of retaining the services of an experienced attorney is that you would be working with someone who knows how the criminal justice system works. By accessing such knowledge, it may become easier for an accused person to build a defense case for themselves. Accordingly, in the event of a plea bargain, the role of a New Haven theft attorney would be to inform you of the most appropriate action to take. For more information or for legal assistance, get in touch with an attorney today.