Mistakes to Avoid After a Criminal Charge in New Haven

When someone is charged with a crime in New Haven, there are certain mistakes they should avoid to help them achieve a successful case. One of the most important steps to avoid making these mistakes is consulting with a New Haven criminal lawyer, who will be aware of the common pitfalls in these cases, and know how to avoid them and build a successful defense. Simply being aware of some of the common mistakes can be very advantageous and helpful.

Talking to the Police and Making a Statement

The biggest mistake people make when they are initially arrested is trying to explain away the alleged criminal conduct. They attempt to explain their way out of being arrested and that is not realistic.

Any statement someone gives can possibly be used against them later in a criminal case. Even though someone believes they are telling their side of the story and the information they provide verifies their innocence, often, those same facts can be twisted and used against them. One of the first mistakes many people make is giving statements to the police. The best advice is to not give any statements to the police.

Failing to Hire a Lawyer

The second mistake people make is not hiring a criminal defense lawyer. If someone does not hire a lawyer, they can go to court and try to represent themselves. There is nothing that requires them to have a lawyer. However, if they do not have a lawyer; they may not know their options during their trial. They may not be able to evaluate their legal defenses or challenge the state’s case. Although the state will work with an individual and make what they believe is a fair offer, there may be things that the state is not looking for or does not point out to someone. As a pro se defendant, that individual simply would not know about those things.

There are things an attorney can do to challenge the state’s case. They can work with the state to get a better deal, and they can also make the process as painless as possible for their client. If someone hires an attorney, they typically get their cases called first. The lawyer can get them in and out of court in a timely manner. The attorney can review the police reports in their office with the client at their convenience.

Someone who is a pro se defendant is frequently called towards the end of the docket, which can be much later in day. In addition, they do not necessarily have access to the police reports. It is very important that anyone charged with a crime in New Haven contact a lawyer for a consultation and have the lawyer represent them on the case.

Unprofessional Behavior

One of the other major mistakes individuals make is that they do not take their criminal case seriously. They show up to court late. They dress inappropriately in t-shirt and jeans. They just generally do not take the situation seriously. The court and the prosecutor see this and may hold that against the individual. The court is a very important place. The consequences of the criminal charges are severe and must be taken seriously by anyone going to court. Even when it is just for misdemeanors; they are criminal convictions that carry the possibility of incarceration. Someone’s life is at stake, so people need to take the case in the court very seriously, present well, and listen to what the court has to say.

How to Avoid These Mistakes

A safe option someone can do to avoid making these mistakes and present the best possible defense is to hire an attorney. A local criminal defense attorney goes to court and deals with the prosecutors and the judges on a daily basis. The attorney can explain to their clients how they need to appear into court, what time to arrive in court, and what to expect. It is prudent to hire a lawyer who handles criminal defense work on a regular basis.