New Haven Perjury Lawyer

Perjury is typically defined as making false statements under oath.  Many people think of perjury as testifying untruthfully in court, but this is only one type of perjury. Other types of perjury can include all situations in which a person is making false statements in a legal capacity, such as during a congressional hearing, at a deposition, in a written sworn affirmation, and in a declaration or another sworn or unsworn statement.

Perjury is a very serious offense in New Haven, Connecticut. If an individual is accused of perjury, they will need the assistance of an experienced defense lawyer who can defend the individual against these criminal allegations, which can have serious ramifications. A New Haven perjury lawyer can advise you on the best defense based on the facts of your case.

New Haven Perjury Defenses

Not all false statements made under oath constitute perjury. There are several defenses to the offense of perjury, including the defendant believing the statement was true or at least did not know the statement was false at the time, misunderstood the question asked or the relevant facts, was mistaken, confused or incapacitated when making the statement, had a faulty memory, or simply lacked the intent to make a false statement.

New Haven also allows defendants to put forth coercion by a third party as an affirmative – or automatic – defense to the crime of perjury. An experienced New Haven perjury defense attorney can examine the circumstances that led to the statement in question, and determine which potential defenses to the crime of perjury may apply.

Conflicting Statements

Sometimes the question of whether a person has committed perjury falls into a legal gray area. One example would be when a person has made conflicting statements on the record. When statements conflict, it follows that one statement was likely false. There have been instances in New Haven where a person has been accused of perjury without the prosecution having to establish a statement as false, but rather only needing to prove that the defendant had changed their story.

This is one reason why it is so important to have an experienced New Haven perjury lawyer as an advocate, from the moment a person learns that perjury accusations may be at issue. A skilled New Haven perjury attorney can help anyone involved in making sworn statements carefully plan their testimony so as to convey exactly what they mean to state, and to avoid making potentially conflicting statements.

Connecticut Perjury Penalties

Connecticut law takes perjury offenses very seriously and imposes strict penalties. Perjury in New Haven is a class D felony offense punishable by between one and five years in state prison and fines of up to $5000.

Contacting a New Haven Perjury Attorney

It is important to begin working with an experienced New Haven perjury attorney as soon as possible if you have been accused of perjury or are concerned about any sworn or unsworn legal statements you have made or are about to make. No matter what situation led to perjury accusations against you, a skilled defense attorney can help.