New Haven Sex Crimes Cases

In the New Haven there is no charge specifically called a sex crime. A sex crime means it encompasses any number of charges that involve illicit sexual contact. In the broad definition of a sex crime, it is a certain offense that is sexual in nature.

Having an experienced sex crimes lawyer to help you with your case will give you peace of mind and clarity during the upcoming trials. An attorney can advise you on the legal consequences for being charged with a sex crime.

New Haven Cases

In New Haven, the sexual assault crimes range from sexual assault in the first degree, second degree, third degree, and fourth degree. Sexual assault in the first, second and third degrees are all felonies in New Haven. The only misdemeanor offense is sexual assault in the fourth degree. Additionally, a common charge associated with a sexual assault is a risk of injury and a risk of injury charge is also a felony.

The words sex crime are a common phrase used in society to describe a particular type of crime which is sexual in nature. This can encompass a number of criminal charges, including sexual assault, risk of injury, and reckless endangerment, so a sex crime is a general category covering the overreaching set of behaviors.

The essential charges in connection with a sex crime are sexual assault, risk of injury, and voyeurism, and each of those categories has various degrees. For example, an individual may be charged with sexual assault in the first degree, second degree, third degree, or fourth degree; the most serious being sexual assault in the first degree.

Investigating Sex Crimes

What differentiates a sex offense from any other charge is the fact that it involved sexual conduct. The reason this is important is because the nature of offense — the reaction by the police, the involvement of DCF, the involvement of the courts — is all taken seriously. Any time there is an allegation of sexual assault, it is investigated and often many entities get involved.

From the beginning, sex offenses are treated differently. For example, any time there is a sex crime allegation involving a minor it is going to automatically trigger involvement with DCF under the mandatory reporting laws. From the beginning, these cases are treated differently in terms of the investigation. Additionally, in terms of the investigation, something unique about these sexual assault crimes is the medical background involved.

Child Abuse

Often when there are allegations involving a child, the police will refer to a child abuse clinic and a forensic interview. That involves social workers and psychologists, which is unique to these cases. Additionally, in sexual assaults, they will conduct what is commonly called a rape kit involving DNA. They will do a rape kit and obtain other physical evidence that they will send to the lab for various testing.

From the beginning, the investigations for these types of sexual assault cases are handled differently.

Sex Crime Charges

Any time a person is faced with an allegation of a sexual crime, it can be intimidating for number of reasons. First of foremost, with many of these crimes there is no physical evidence, witnesses, or videos of the alleged incident. Typically, these allegations are one individual making an allegation against another. At the end of the day, the proof is in one person’s testimony.

If the jury is to believe that person, an individual can be convicted based on that testimony. These are difficult cases from the beginning, because it one person’s word is required to bring this type of case. Additionally, these charges can be intimidating, because the possible penalties are severe. In addition to the jail time, fines, and probation, they often involve dispositions in which the person will be placed on a sex offender registry as well as face sex offender probation.

These cases are difficult to work out and require a trial. They can be intimidating for an individual because the possible penalties are so severe.