New Haven Sex Crime Investigations

In New Haven, there has recently been a change in how sexual assault cases are being investigated. The New Haven Police Department established a local team of investigators to handle exclusively allegations of sexual assault. Because of this anyone accused of sexual assault is encouraged to contact an equally knowledgeable sex crimes attorney.

In addition to having a team of detectives in the sexual assault unit, they have a group of prosecutors that work and review sex cases exclusively. There is a team throughout the investigation and prosecution phase that are only focused on these sex crime cases.

Initiating Investigations

Typically, the way these sex crime investigations in New Haven begin is through an initial complaint. The initial complaint can stem from any number of people. Often it will come from a mandatory reporter. For example, if a young individual is at school and either a guidance counselor or a teacher becomes aware of an alleged sexual assault, that person as a mandatory reporter must report the incident to the police and to DCF. In many of these instances, the initial allegation is brought to the attention of the authorities by a mandatory reporter.

In some cases, it may be a parent or another family member that brings the sex crime allegation forward; those are typically how these cases arise. Once it is brought to the attention of the authorities or the police department, it is up to them to investigate. They will do their investigation, speak with witnesses, take statements, consult with medical personnel, and make the determination whether or not to seek a warrant. The New Haven sexual assault investigation will be conducted by the New Haven police and whether it is taken to court and an arrest is issued will depend upon what their investigation shows.

Types of Evidence

The evidence in these cases will change on a case-by-case basis, but often what the New Haven police are looking for is forensic in nature. Often they are looking for DNA and to obtain that they are looking for semen, other bodily fluids, and hair. They can try to get what is called touch DNA, essentially DNA to tie that person to the sexual contact.

Additionally, if the complainant is under the age of 18, they will try to obtain what is called a forensic interview in which a social worker or psychologist meets with the individual and depending on the age tries to illicit information to better explain what the allegations are and use this interview to try to corroborate the initial allegations.

Aside from these unique aspects of a sexual assault, they are also looking for the standard evidence sought in any case, like other witness statements, evidence that would corroborate the person’s allegation, witnesses, and family members. They will try to obtain work records and any information to either corroborate or discredit any of these allegations. So, there are unique aspects to every case involving an allegation to sexual assault.

Contacting an Attorney

It is important to hire an experienced sexual assault lawyer when undergoing an investigation in New Haven, because the investigation and prosecution teams have special training, knowledge, and tools to get a conviction and prosecute these cases. However, those tools and techniques cannot go unchallenged; there are issues and faults with many of those techniques that need to be challenged and pointed out during the course of the court process.

Someone facing a sex crime investigation in New Haven needs an experienced sexual assault lawyer familiar with this legal and substance of issues and tactics. Those are defenses that are not going to be raised and something that they cannot prepare for. It is important that the lawyer understands and has a sense of how to challenge these investigation techniques and knows what aspects of the investigation can be attacked during plea bargaining and a trial. The best way to challenge these cases is to challenge the investigation head on with an experienced sexual assault lawyer.