New Haven Student Defense Lawyer

Facing criminal charges is always intimidating, no matter what type of offense you have been accused of committing. With that said, our experienced criminal lawyers in New Haven can guide you through the process of seeking to clear your name or have the charges against you reduced or dismissed both with the police and your school administration.

Whether you are facing a school’s disciplinary action, a criminal misdemeanor or criminal felony charge, have a lengthy criminal record, or none at all, having an experienced student defense attorney by your side throughout the ordeal can make all the difference in the outcome of your case.

While there are no guarantees for the ultimate result of the administrative or criminal prosecution, our team of New Haven student defense lawyers will work diligently to present a strong defense on your behalf.

How an Attorney Can Help

A defense attorney can be by the student’s side throughout the entire school’s and city’s judicial process, from the moment they are accused, arrested, or even before, if the client has reason to believe they may be arrested.

A student defense lawyer in New Haven can make sure their clients’ rights are protected every step of the way, from advising them during their interactions with police, to making sure they do not jeopardize the defense during the investigation process. An attorney will explore viable defense theories, including determining other potential suspects, securing alibi evidence, locating witnesses who can testify in the student’s favor, and be working with experts who can refute prosecution evidence.

Lawyers have experience consulting experts in the fields such as, but not limited to:

  • Intellectual Property
  • Equipment technology
  • Accounting
  • Breathalyzer machinery

Protecting Your Rights in New Haven

If an attorney can establish for the court that an individual’s rights were violated during their arrest or interrogation, or that an illegal search or seizure took place, or that a search warrant was issued improperly, the evidence against the person may be thrown out, or the charges dismissed altogether.

A lawyer can also assess the strength and weaknesses of the state’s case against the defendant and determine whether it might be in their best interest to negotiate reduced penalties. New Haven student defense lawyers are also always prepared to take every case to trial before a judge or jury.

Criminal Penalties in New Haven

Criminal penalties in New Haven depend on the type and severity of crime with which a person is charged, as well as whether they have prior convictions for the same or a similar offense.

Connecticut carries harsh penalties for certain offenses, and this is one reason why it is so important that defendants have a passionate criminal defense attorney in their corner. Additionally, if you are facing expulsion from your school or a black mark on your administrative record, a student defense lawyer can help guide you through the process and be your advocate in the school’s disciplinary hearings.

Connecticut criminal penalties vary depending on the crime committed, with examples that range from:

  • Up to three months in jail and a $500 fine for shoplifting items valued at less than $250
  • Up to six months in jail and up to $1,000 in fines for a first-offense DUI charge
  • Up to 20 years in prison and $15,000 in fines for first-degree felony assault

Certain offenses in Connecticut, such as DUIs, are eligible to receive a suspended sentence for first-time convictions, although a school may treat the case differently. For this reason, it is crucial that a student defense attorney be familiar with negotiating suspended sentences with the local prosecutors and understanding your school’s judicial process.

In some cases, penalties may be reduced or suspended when defendants complete community service hours. An experienced criminal defense attorney in New Haven will be able to advise students regarding the specific penalties they are facing and whether they may be eligible for reduced penalties.

Common Types of Offenses

Experienced criminal defense lawyers handle all types of criminal cases, including but not limited to:

  • Plagiarism
  • Assault and battery
  • Cybercrimes
  • Cyberbullying
  • Drug possession, distribution, or manufacturing
  • Theft, larceny, and shoplifting
  • Sexual assault or abuse
  • Other offenses

Consult a Student Defense Attorney in New Haven

Your New Haven student defense lawyer’s approach to your defense will differ depending on the specific circumstances of your situation and school, but one thing that remains constant is our level of commitment and personal attention to each case.

We will do our very best to help you clear your name and restore your reputation so that you can move forward with your life and put this unpleasant event in the past.