New Haven Attempt to Elude an Officer Lawyer

An evading responsibility case typically comes into play when there is some sort of property damage or motor vehicle accident and the driver who caused that property damage leaves the scene. The most common scenario where evading responsibility comes into play is involving a motor vehicle accident where a person leaves the scene.

If someone is running from the police or giving false information, they can be charged with attempt to elude an officer. If you find yourself in this scenario and are in need of legal help, it may be critical to contact a New Haven attempt to elude an officer lawyer. Experienced traffic lawyers can help protect you from any form of self-incrimination by speaking on your behalf at appropriate times.

Classifying Attempting to Elude Offenses

There are several degrees depending on whether it is simply property damage or if there is any bodily injury, they are criminal offenses that do carry the possibility of incarceration, just like any other criminal matter. The person will be arrested, released on a bond, given a court date and work its way through the court system.

There are a number of outcomes that can range from possible incarceration to a complete dismissal of all the charges. Each case is unique and depends on the facts and circumstances associated with that particular case and the particular allegations of evading responsibility in that unique situation or that unique case.

How Common is an Evading Responsibility Offense?

Evading responsibility is certainly one of the more common charges that a New Haven attempt to elude an officer lawyer routinely sees. It is something that happens in a number of situations, sometimes people will simply or will not even recognize that they have caused property damage and leave the scene or there are occasions where individuals flee the scene because they are frightened or scared, they do not know what to do. Each individual situation gives rise to different possible defenses and it is something that an experienced criminal defense attorney who will have a plan and a course of action to put that individual in the best possible situation to obtain the best outcome for that person.

Impact of Purposely Exiting a Highway

If an individual is being pursued by a police officer on a highway, the police officer has its lights flashing and the person attempts to elude the officer by getting off the highway or otherwise avoiding police detection, the individual would not be charged with evading because there is no property damage or property injury.

However, the individual could cause the police to engage a police pursuit –which brings about its own charges or the individual cause to be charged with interfering which is simply where an individual attempts to impede the police officer’s ability to do their job. Although the individual may not be charged with evading responsibility in that context, there are other criminal charges that that type of conduct could lead to.

Misinterpretations of Driving Behavior

In a situation where there has been an accident, there is not always a safe place for a driver to immediately park their car. In a situation where the individual continues to drive to attempt to locate a safe location to park it and get out of the vehicle, that type of conduct can certainly create the appearance of an evading responsibility type of scenario. The role of a New Haven attempt to elude an officer lawyer is to explain the individual’s situation to the prosecutors and build that defense on behalf of the person being charged.