Building an Attempt to Elude an Officer Defense in New Haven

Building a defense for attempting to elude an officer in New Haven can be difficult without the help of an experienced traffic attorney. Evading responsibility in order to prove a case to the state, an attorney needs to show that there was an individual who caused property damage in a motor vehicle accident and that individual who caused property damage left the scene without leaving their contact information or contacting the police. In addition to property damage, it can also be bodily injury.

Classifying Common Evading Responsibility Cases

The most common situation that results in an evading responsibility arrest is a situation where there is a car accident or some sort of one car accident and the individual flees the scene. Often it happens at night or early in the morning and that is the most common scenario where an individual is charged with evading responsibility. The classification of the type of offense will depend on whether there are simply property damage or if there is any physical injury. It can be critical for individuals to speak with an attorney and start building a defense for an attempting to elude an officer in New Haven that may benefit their future.

What Officers Look for in Traffic Stops

Typically, an officer will look for is the behavior of the driver both in terms of how they were driving prior to the stop but also have how they behaving during the course of the stop. Additionally, they will look to see if there is any damage on the individual’s car, if they have paint scratches, or if there is any secondary transfer of paint from a second vehicle to the individual’s vehicle.

There are a number of pieces of evidence both in terms the driver’s behavior as well as physical evidence in connection with the car, but those are the two primary things that initially a police officer will be looking at when pulling over a vehicle with suspicion of evading responsibility.

Following a Traffic Stop

There is a wide range of possible outcomes, under circumstances it is possible that the charge could be dismissed and on others. It is also possible that individuals could be facing the very real possibility of incarceration.

Several of the factors that contribute to this is the strength of the state’s case: the defendant’s prior history, the extent of any damage to the property, a defendant’s ability to pay restitution, and most importantly if there is any physical injury to another individual. Those are several of the factors that the court can consider.

Help from an Attorney

An experienced New Haven criminal defense attorney who has handled evading responsibility cases in the past will be able to help in building a defense for an attempt to elude an officer offense in New Haven. They could help you establish what the appropriate restitution may be, whether that be documenting the scene to establish the defense that the person was simply looking for a safe place to park or simply a social defense explaining why the person made in the statement that it would not happen in the future, the steps they have to take to ensure that it was just simply a one-time bad decision. There are a number of steps that an experienced New Haven criminal defense attorney will take when facing these types of charges.