New Haven License Suspension Lawyer

Anytime a person is charged with a criminal offense or even an infraction, the person is required to go court. If the person is issued a summons for an infraction or a criminal offense, the person is required to go to court on the date that the person has been ordered to appear.

The most important thing a person can do if they are facing a motor vehicle conviction or anything associated with their driver’s license is hiring an experienced New Haven license suspension lawyer. The lawyer will be able to obtain the person’s previous driving record, assess what possible consequences may be associated with a later plea or how the charges will interact. A New Haven traffic lawyer can help you build your case depending on your desired future. If you are facing license penalties, a skilled traffic lawyer can help clarify New Haven license suspension considerations.

Protecting Driving Privileges

The most important thing a person can do to protect their driving privileges is hiring an experienced New Haven license suspension lawyer. The reason being because very often, if a person goes to court the prosecutor will likely offer a beneficial plea bargain on some minor infraction or other motor vehicle offense.

The prosecutor and even the courts may neglect to tell the person the true consequences in connection with the person’s DMV. The reason this happens is because the driving privileges and the ability to drive is considered a collateral consequence. There is no obligation for the prosecutor or another court to explain that the person’s license may be suspended as a result of certain convictions.

The best thing a person can do to protect their driving privileges is to hire a lawyer who can do a full investigation on a person’s background and advise them of their options, rights and various possible defenses.

Elements of Suspended Licenses

Driving with a suspended or revoked license is a criminal offense. The definition in Connecticut of a crime is anything that carries a possibility of incarceration. In Connecticut, an individual who is charged with operating under suspension faces the possibility of incarceration.

Being convicted of operating under a suspension is fairly straight forward. The prosecution simply needs to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that an individual had a suspended license and that the person was operating a motor vehicle while their license was suspended.

Long-term Implications

In Connecticut, the maximum penalty associated with driving with a suspended license is up to one year in jail. There are mandatory minimums associated with various sub-sections of this offense. That maximum penalty can be increased depending on the person’s previous driving record and should therefore be addressed with the help of a New Haven license suspension attorney.

There are numerous New Haven license suspension considerations in regards to potential consequences. Possible penalties for revocation cases range from a possible incarceration to probation, to fines, to further loss of license. Not only can there be the immediate impact of incarceration but it can be very difficult for individuals to maintain steady employment if their license is suspended and are unable to get to and from work.

There are certainly a number of consequences above and beyond the standard criminal consequences. These consequences can have a great impact on one’s ability to move on with their life and continue to work and maintain employment.

Importance of Hiring a New Haven License Suspension Lawyer

Contacting a New Haven license suspension lawyer should be included in every case involving New Haven license suspension considerations. This is important because the possibility of incarceration or other consequences can have a huge impact on a person’s life. An operating under suspension offense does carry the possibility of incarceration. An attorney understands that license suspension cases can include probation, fines and other requirements imposed by the court if there is a conviction for this offense.

With the possibility of incarceration, there is also the possibility of a license suspension and very often these types of matters can spiral out of control if they are not handled from the beginning. The court cost, fees, fines and other monetary requirements for getting a license back are all things to consider after conviction.