Tickets for Out-of-State Drivers in New Haven

If an individual is pulled over for a motor vehicle infraction, the first thing they should do is contact a distinguished traffic lawyer in New Haven to understand what their options are and what the different paths they can take in order to handle the case. At that point, they can decide if they want to fight the case or simply mail it in and plead guilty and pay the fine.

If you have been pulled over for a traffic or speeding violation, speak with an experienced traffic attorney about your options. They can help you get peace of mind concerning any case where tickets for out-of-state drivers in New Haven.

Risk of Not Paying a Traffic Citation

If an individual fails to either respond to their ticket with a not guilty plea or to pay the fine, the matter will be closed out and referred to the Connecticut DMV which will then suspend the person’s ability to drive in the State of Connecticut. Depending on the interstate compact agreement and the sharing of information between the two states, the out-of-state driver’s license may also be suspended as a result of the failure to respond to tickets for out-of-state drivers in New Haven. It is very important that an individual who is given a motor vehicle infraction either mail the ticket in as guilty or take the necessary steps to mail in not guilty and fight the case at court.

Access to Information about Traffic Violations

The sharing of information between the Connecticut DMV and an out-of-state driver’s home license state depends on the agreement between Connecticut and the other state. Each state will have different agreements and the amount of information shared state-to-state will vary.

Does it Matter Where the Driver is From?

Typically, the closer the states are to one another, the more information they share. For example, Connecticut shares information with New York, Massachusetts, Road Island, New Hampshire and Vermont. As the distance grows to Texas, Utah, and Colorado – the information that is shared is less and less. The agreements between the states will dictate what information is shared and that varies state-to-state.

Speaking with an Attorney

A local New Haven attorney will explain what options are available to an individual facing these types of charges, including the possibility of increased insurance premiums. They will be able to discuss the impact of points on an individual’s license and they will be able to present a plan to have the charges thrown out or fight them at a motor vehicle hearing.

Speaking with a lawyer can be beneficial for anyone dealing with tickets for out-of-state drivers in New Haven. Attorneys know what their options are and the potential penalties associated with each option. In this way, they can make an informed decision as to whether to mail the ticket in guilty and pay the fine or to fight it at court.