Value of a Family Lawyer in New Haven

Family lawyers handle a wide variety of cases with very large potential impacts on a person’s quality of family and financial well-being. It is important to contact an experienced New Haven family law attorney to help you through the often stressful and complicated cases involved in family law. Without proper representation, you may be suffer undue financial burden or have your children removed from your life.

Types of Cases

A family lawyer handles everything from divorce, child custody, child support, and post judgment issues that arise after a divorce, to modifications of any existing agreements, paternity, prenuptial agreements, and postnuptial agreements.

A person should contact a family attorney for a variety of reasons, generally to start a family law proceeding or because they have been served. They may want to discuss a postnuptial agreement if they are thinking about getting a divorce. They may have been served with divorce papers or other type of motions for family court, post-judgment, or custody. They may want to test the paternity of a child and are not married. They may want to modify an existing child support order or other orders of the family court.

Dissolution of a Marriage

Dissolving a marriage involves the distribution of the marital assets and marital debts. It includes custody and child support issues, alimony, distribution of the real property and personal property, as well as attorney’s fees. The many facets of a divorce are simplified with an attorney to walk you through and advise you with the best course of action for your best case scenario.

When a family law case involves children, the opportunity and frequency of visiting them is at stake. In many cases, there is a large financial component, so people have a lot to lose if the case is not handled correctly by an attorney. You may even be required to provide weekly, monthly, or yearly alimony payments out of your paycheck that could significantly affect your bottom line and the level of financial security you are used to living with.

Meeting with Your Attorney

One of the main things an experienced attorney in New Haven can do is offer accessibility. Whenever you need them, they should be able to be reached. Additionally, the information discussed is often very sensitive and even emotional, so developing a rapport and a relationship to be comfortable with that attorney is important.

When first meeting with a lawyer for a family law issue, bring any court paperwork you were served with as well as any pleadings, motions, or things of that nature. You should also bring your most recent pay stub.

An experienced lawyer can serve as a resource to answer any questions you might have and guide someone through a process that is oftentimes very intimidating. Emotions run high in family type cases. A resourceful family lawyer attempts to alleviate those emotions so that the case settles. Ultimately, people do not want to go back to court for many years, so a family lawyer tries to reach a quick and fair resolution.