New Haven Child Alienation Lawyer  

Visitation and custody are difficult issues for most parents. If you are in a lot of conflict with the other parent, this makes the process even more difficult. When one parent refuses to cooperate with the other parent or discusses adult matters with a child in order to manipulate the child, it can be emotionally distressing to both the affected parent and child.

Child alienation is defined as one parent persuading the child that the other parent is bad or not as good of a parent as they can be. The relationship you have with your child is probably one of the most important aspects of your life. If it is being jeopardized by the other parent, you should take action to correct the situation.

By speaking with a New Haven child alienation lawyer, you can begin fighting back against the damage that is being done to your child and your relationship with them. Contact a qualified attorney today to see what steps you can take to remedy the situation.

Most Common Forms of Child Alienation

Unfortunately, child alienation is becoming more and more frequent but now courts are typically less willing to allow this to happen. Some of the most common scenarios regarding child alienation are:

  • Speaking badly about the other parent in front of, or directly to, the child
  • Creating false, negative memories about the other parent
  • Informing the child about adult situations (ex. Late child support payments or if the divorce was based on adultery)
  • Interfering with scheduled custody
  • Alleging abuse when there is none

A New Haven child alienation lawyer can better assess the circumstances and determine whether or not it applies to a person’s situation.

Laws Regarding Child Alienation in Connecticut

When deciding on custody and visitation the law in New Haven requires that a judge examine a number of different factors. Two of these factors clearly speak to how a parent influences the child in regard to the other parent and how they treat the other parent.

One factor that the court has to look to is how a parent behaves when there is a dispute between the two parents. Specifically, the court wants to make sure that neither parent is dragging the child into the middle of the dispute. Also, with this factor, the court will see if either parent is creating an environment that paints the other parent in a bad light with the children.

For example, if the parent with primary custody constantly speaks badly about the other parent or discusses issues such as child support in front of the child then this is a cause for concern with the court. The other factor that speaks to child alienation is the willingness and likelihood of each parent to foster a better relationship between the other parent and the child. This factor also takes into account how probable it is that the parent will follow a court order such as a visitation schedule. Interference with visitation can create alienation issues between a parent and a child as well.

How a New Haven Child Alienation Attorney Can Help

Being stuck in a situation where your child is being taught to dislike, or outright hate, you can be frustrating and extremely disheartening. Getting advice from a New Haven child alienation lawyer can at least reduce some of your anxiety because you will get further information regarding the law and how it applies to your situation.

If you are worried that your child is being alienated from you by the other parent or relatives (ex. Grandparents) you can take legal steps to correct this issue. The sooner you act, the less damage your relationship will endure.