Determining Custody in a New Haven Child Custody Case

In New Haven, one of the main factors the court uses during a divorce or when parties are determining custody, is what is in the best interest of the children involved. With this said, a knowledgeable New Haven child custody lawyer can be of value to help get the best result both for the individual and for the children involved. An attorney can also help the parties move through the case quickly and efficiently to ensure that the children of the parties are as minimally burdened by the case as possible. 

How Custody is Determined

Custody can be determined by a judge or determined by the parties through settlement. Overall, the best scenario in almost any case is for the parties to come to an agreement regarding custody and visitation. These cases tend to be highly emotional, and as such it’s oftentimes better to decide amongst the parties involved than to let a judge decide for you. It is almost always preferable for the two parties to decide rather than family relations, a guardian ad litem, or the Department of Children and Families making a decision for you. 

How Custody is Determined If No Agreement is Reached

If the parties do not have an agreement, they engage in mediation by family relations who could make a recommendation. An attorney for the minor child, known as an AMC, or a guardian ad litem, known as a GAL, could make recommendations to the court. A judge would then determine child custody if that recommendation is contested.

Common Issues That Arise

A common issue that arises when children are involved in a divorce is reaching an agreement on the schedule. When parents separate, the children’s lifestyle changes regarding when they see the parents. With this in mind, visitation and holiday issues can be highly contested issues that need to be figured out.

How to Avoid These Issues

The best way to avoid any issues that may arise through a custody battle is to talk to your spouse and try to resolve the custody or visitation issues as quickly as possible. It is almost always better for the two parties to reach an agreement between themselves than for any lawyer or judge to get involved and decide it for them. As a result, if you are able to resolve the issue on your own, an attorney will likely encourage you to do that.

How a Lawyer Can Help

The most important concern of the lawyers and the parties should be that the children remain as removed from the process as possible. When it comes to issues regarding the children, they should be resolved as quickly as possible to avoid having the children thinking that there is a big issue throughout the entire case. A New Haven lawyer can have that as a top priority and get that done as quickly as possible.