Mothers’ Rights in New Haven Custody Cases  

The bond between a mother and child is one of the strongest both in nature and society. If you are a mother involved in a custody situation, you are probably concerned about all the potential outcomes and how it will impact you and your children’s life. Custody disagreements arise in a few different manners, but mothers’ rights in New Haven custody cases are important.

One is based on the end of a relationship where there are children, this applies to both married and unmarried couples. The other main category is when the two parents have no relationship.

As a mother, you want the best for your child while also protecting your own rights. Speaking to a New Haven custody lawyer you will gain a better understanding of the law and how it applies in your situation. Talk to a qualified attorney immediately.

Connection Between Gender and Custody

Traditionally, mothers were favored by courts as the primary parent. It used to be extremely rare that a father would be the custodial parent with the mother having visitation.

However, as society has progressed, traditional gender roles are no longer as important to a court. Instead, most courts specifically state that they will apply the law in a gender-neutral way, with no preference for either parent.

There is no longer any presumption that mothers should be the custodial parent. Instead, states like Connecticut prefer that the default custody mode is close as possible to joint custody. Mothers’ rights in New Haven custody cases can be more challenging for this reason.

Factors Which Determine Custody

Since the law is gender neutral the judge has to decide what is in the best interest of the child. To do this, the judge must instead consider a variety of factors:

  • How well the parent can understand the child’s needs and fulfill them
  • Deliberately creating issues between a parent and child and involving the child in adult problems (ex. Child support)
  • Any domestic violence episodes that affected the child
  • Each parent’s ability to follow a custody arrangement and foster a relationship with the child and other parent
  • Ability of the parents to be involved in their child’s life
  • Developmental needs of the child and their temperament
  • If the parent has neglected or abused another child
  • If a parenting education program was finished by either parent
  • The child’s preference, and any other information the child has
  • Each parent’s physical or mental condition but it will not be the sole factor considered unless it is so severe that it will not be in the best interest of the child
  • The custody arrangement each parent wants
  • The duration of time the child has remained in their current home, however, if a parent willingly leaves a home so that the child can stay there then it will not be held against them
  • The adjustment of the child to the home
  • Stability of each household
  • Relationship between the child and parent, child and siblings or other relatives
  • Child’s cultural background

A mother’s right in New Haven custody cases will be determined by these factors.

How a New Haven Child Custody Lawyer Can Help

If you are a mother fighting for custody of your child, you will need professional help to reach a custody arrangement that represents your and your child’s needs. Whether this is for a recent child or a child you raised with a past partner, you will need a New Haven child custody lawyer that can best help you establish your rights as a mother in custody cases.

Your attorney can help you either fight this issue in court or negotiate on your behalf to reach an agreement with the other parent.