New Haven Visitation Lawyer 

Being involved in a custody battle regarding your children can be a devastating situation. For some people, these circumstances come up when they are getting a divorce from their spouse. For others, it is the end of a long-term non-marital relationship where children are involved.

This can involve a parent that only recently became aware of a child or never had a relationship with the other parent but still want to be an active and involved part of their child’s life. Each parent has an equal right to their child. A New Haven visitation lawyer can help you fight for your rights. Let a qualified child custody lawyer assist you in getting a visitation plan you are satisfied with.

Child Custody Laws in New Haven

A New Haven visitation attorney can help individuals file for visitation rights via a visitation application as a parent (there are separate forms for grandparent visitation applications). People should be aware that for any custody related issues, Connecticut must have jurisdiction over the child. There are a few ways that jurisdiction can be established. The state must be the child’s home state in that it was the state the child was born in and has always resided at or has lived in for at least the past six months.

If a child has moved to another state but it has been less than six months since they left, and one parent still resides in Connecticut then the state still has jurisdiction over the child. The other main way through which jurisdiction is established is when the child has significant connections to the state, this method is used when there is no home state based on the six-month residency requirement.

Deciding What is in the Best Interest of the Child

When making decisions for a child, the court will decide what custody and visitation arrangement is in the best interest of the child. This determination requires looking at several different factors:

  • Any information received from the child, including their preference
  • The mental and physical health of each parent, however, this single factor cannot be the entire basis for custody unless the new custody arrangement would not be in the best interest of the child
  • What type of custody each parent wants
  • How long the child has lived in their current environment, however, if you left the home temporarily so the child can remain in a stable environment that will not be unfavorable to you
  • How the child has adjusted to their home or environment
  • The stability of each parent’s household
  • Each parent’s ability to be involved in their child’s life
  • The child’s nature and their developmental needs
  • If any other child of that parent has been neglected or abused by the parent
  • Whether either parent successfully finished a parenting education program
  • The child’s relationship with each parent, siblings and any other important family members (for example, stepparents)
  • The cultural background of the child
  • Each parent’s capability to understand the child’s needs and meet those needs
  • Any parental behavior to involve the child in parental disputes or create issues in the parent-child relationship
  • If there were any incidents of domestic violence that impacted the child
  • How likely and willing each parent will be to encourage a relationship between the child and other parents, including their ability to follow a court order

Talking to a New Haven Visitation Attorney

Figuring out visitation while going through a divorce can be a difficult and stressful process. Child custody and visitation is based on a lot of different factors. It is important to understand how each factor may be for or against your visitation request. A New Haven visitation lawyer can better explain the law and what your best strategy is in moving forward. Call on a qualified visitation lawyer that can work towards a solid outcome for you.