New Haven Child Support Attorney

Going through a divorce is a traumatic enough experience, however that difficulty is greatly magnified when children are also involved. Parents are now forced to confront a new reality where even mundane day-to-day activities such as picking up the kids from daycare or paying for after-school activities may now be much more difficult. And obviously, having one fewer paycheck coming in can be a big burden. However, a New Haven child support lawyer can help.

Child support laws in Connecticut are designed to make certain that children are provided with what they need when their parents are no longer together, and as a result a family law attorney in New Haven can advocate strongly on your behalf and help you through the process of determining child support.

What is Child Support?

Child support is payment from the non-primary resident parent to the primary resident parent. Child support is meant to cover the expenses of being the primary caregiver of a child—whether it be your rent, your mortgage, your utility bills, groceries, clothing, and your daily living expenses.

That is what child support constitutes, but with the guidelines, there are additional moneys that people have to pay that are above and beyond what the guidelines say and that includes things like extra-curricular activities, tuition for private schools, day care costs, unreimbursed medical expenses, and things of that nature.

Making Modifications

Making modifications to child support depends largely on income, as well as if somebody suffers a significant disability, like an accident, injury, or things like that and cannot work, or somebody moves away, that is going to be a reason.

Connecticut Guidelines

First and foremost, the guidelines are very complicated. They are not easy to navigate. We use specialized software and technology to be able to calculate what the proper guideline amount should be. Basically the way child support is determined is they have the Connecticut child support guidelines, which is a big chart with a whole collection of exceptions.

It is very thick and what it does is it takes a combination of a whole bunch of factors—your income, your gross income, your net income, your taxes, your health insurance. All of these different types of things, which can change, a New Haven child support lawyer puts into this formula and it spits out the child support. That is what we use the software for.

The Connecticut child support guidelines are what determines the amount of support, however, that number can be deviated from for a number of reasons either up or down, but that is very rare.

Child support is paid until the child finishes high school or continues until the age of 19, whichever comes first.

Visitation Considerations

Visitation and child support are not necessarily tied to each other. Just because you are paying child support does not necessarily mean you get to visit your kids.

Visitation is a completely separate issue, but a person that does pay child support has the right to modify it if the incomes change. You have the right to modify if you are making significantly less money or the other parties may be making significantly more money. You reserve the right to modify it at any point in time.

Family Law is Our Focus

The people of New Haven, Milford, Bridgeport and the entire Connecticut shoreline have gotten to know our firm’s attorneys as aggressive, innovative criminal defense lawyers. However, we apply that same attitude to our family law cases, including child support. Our New Haven child support lawyers will fight to make sure you are paying or receiving an amount that is fair for you and your children.

Even if an amount has already been established, an attorney may be able to assist with a revision. For example, if a child changes schools or graduates from high school, or a parent loses a job or is unable to work, the child support order might need to be revisited and payments recalculated.

How a New Haven Child Support Attorney Can Help

When parents fall behind on, or willfully ignore, their child support obligations, our attorneys can take action to get what you are owed from the delinquent parent. You need to have a child support lawyer that knows the guidelines in and out and knows the requirements for modification. You basically need experience at the end of the day.

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