Verbal Abuse in New Haven Divorce Cases 

Divorce can be emotionally hard but especially so when someone is leaving an abusive marriage. Verbal abuse is non-physical abuse where one partner berates, taunts, and verbally disparages the other. When nothing else works, sometimes the only option left is to get a divorce.

In some situations, the divorce will end the abuse, this is true for marriages where after the divorce there is no reason to continue communication with the abusive spouse. Unfortunately, in some divorces, communication can be necessary when it involves spousal support, child support, custody, or visitation.

When children are involved, it can be even more difficult because not only does the abused partner have to worry about their own abuse but also about potential abuse geared towards their children.That does not mean that you have to continue to suffer. Instead, you can speak with a New Haven post-divorce lawyer that can help you find legal remedies to end the abuse. Contact a qualified and compassionate divorce attorney who has experience handling verbal abuse in New Haven divorce cases and can fight for a positive outcome for you.

Signs of Verbal Abuse

If an individual is unsure if their situation would be considered verbal abuse, here are some signs that it is:

  • Yelling or screaming
  • Name calling
  • Shaming through sarcasm or mockery
  • Threats
  • Irrationally blaming a person for things they have no control over

Methods of Coping after Divorce

If someone is being verbally abused by their ex-spouse, there are some steps they can take to lessen its impact while they go through the legal process. The individual could stop responding completely or only respond to essential issues (such as emergencies involving their children). When the person must respond, they should state that they will not respond to nasty comments or remarks, and then respond to the actual issue. Most importantly, when dealing with verbal abuse in New Haven divorce cases, individuals should build a strong support system that they can turn to when they need to vent.

Legal Remedies to Stop an Abusive Ex-Spouse

Once the verbal abuse has gotten to a situation where a person is feeling harassed or threatened, they must take legal action to get their former spouse to stop. Unfortunately, New Haven does not recognize verbal abuse as the type of abuse that constitutes a family offense unless it is so severe that it creates a present danger and likelihood that physical injuries will occur. In that case, it will be a family offense so that the abused party can apply for an investigation and potential arrest of their former spouse.

Impact of Verbal Abuse on Custody

When it comes to custody, verbal abuse in New Haven divorce cases will not be a factor unless it impacts the children. Therefore, even if one of the divorced parents is being verbally abused it is likely that their former spouse will have some visitation with the children.

However, if there is constant verbal abuse, an individual can ask a court to order that visitation exchanges occur at a public place or with others present thereby lessening the opportunities for their abuser to harm them.

Consulting a New Haven Divorce Attorney

If you are stuck in a verbally abusive situation even after you have left the marriage, you should speak to a lawyer to find out what options you have. While courts take physical abuse more seriously, they take verbal abuse in New Haven divorce cases seriously too. When verbal abuse escalates to a degree where you fear for your safety at the time, the other person may be arrested.

Even if it has not reached that level, you can make accommodations in your custody arrangement to lessen the amount of time you have to spend around your abuser. The best thing you can do is speak to a lawyer to find out what options you have.