New Haven Separation Agreement Lawyer

The end of a marriage is never easy. It creates a great deal of grief and stress for families. Many times, before a couple turns to divorce, they will legally separate. This option helps ease the transition from being married to, eventually, becoming divorced. While some couples choose to go back to their spouses and work on their marriage, many find that the separation confirms the couple’s desire to no longer be married to each other.

A separation can be confusing for the parties involved, because it is an in-between period. A divorce is final, and the couple’s rights and obligations have been determined before the divorce was made official. With a separation, a couple may be unsure of what their rights and obligations are.

If you are contemplating separating from your spouse, consider creating a separation agreement. With the help of a skilled New Haven separation agreement lawyer, you can feel at ease knowing that you are in the hands of a lawyer who has experience in creating these complicated agreements. Do not hesitate to reach out to a knowledgeable marital agreements attorney today.

How Legal Separations Are Different Than Divorce

In Connecticut, living apart does not automatically constitute a legal separation.  A couple must wait three months before their separation becomes a legal marital status. After the three months, the marriage is dissolved.

The spouses no longer have an obligation to provide each other with marital benefits, such as pension or health insurance, although some federal benefits may still be awarded. The blaring difference, however, between a legal separation and a divorce is that the couple is not free to remarry.

A couple can obtain a legal separation much the same as a divorce. Meaning the grounds for separation can be adultery, abandonment, cruelty, or it can be based on irreconcilable differences, which is also known as no-fault. Finally, if the couple intends to reinstate their marriage, unlike with a divorce, they will not have to remarry. Instead, the can file a declaration of resumption and the marriage will be restored.

Who Should Have a Separation Agreement in New Haven?

A separation agreement can help minimize or even eliminate the need for litigation. A couple can decide how to handle financial obligations such as spousal support and child support. A New Haven separation agreement lawyer could help a couple decide how they want to divide their property and financial assets, and even decide how they will divide any shared debt. Separation agreements can also arrange for child custody and visitation schedule.

Many couples choose this route, especially if the separation is amicable, to avoid having a judge decide how they will distribute their assets or how they will spend time with their child. With a legally binding separation agreement, a couple still maintains control during their split.

Talking to a New Haven Separation Agreement Attorney

If you would like to understand how a separation agreement would apply to your specific circumstances, then you should consult with a New Haven separation agreement lawyer. They will work to help you avoid costly and lengthy litigation by negotiating with the other side to come up with a fair settlement that can work for both parties.

Family law attorneys understand that these are stressful times, and their aim is to help make them less stressful for you. Get in touch with a separation agreement lawyer in New Haven to better understand how they can help.