New Haven Car Accident Lawyer

When people are involved in car accidents, it is common for a sense of confusion to set in. Even if people think that they are uninjured, soreness and pain can set in days after the accident. There are steps that everyone involved in a car accident should take to protect both their health and legal rights.

If you have been involved in a car crash and want to pursue compensation, contact a skilled injury lawyer who can help. New Haven car accident lawyers are dedicated to protecting their clients’ legal rights and getting them the compensation that they deserve. En Español.

First Steps to Take After a Car Accident

Whether the driver of the car or a passenger, the first thing that anyone should do is call the police. The officer is required to fill out a police report that will detail the facts of the accident. This report is solid, impartial evidence of who is at fault in the collision. The next recommended step is to visit an emergency room or urgent care clinic.

On top of providing treatment for a person’s injuries, this also creates evidence for the claim. It is extremely important to document all the medical treatment and bills for the case. This will aid New Haven car accident attorneys to negotiate with insurance companies and present the case at a potential trial.

Proving Negligence in an Accident Case

Most car accident cases rely on the legal theory of negligence. For example, assume that someone was sitting in their car at a red light when another car rear ends them.

This accident resulted in a neck and back strain. Negligence requires five portions, or elements, to be present for a successful case.

  • Duty – Duty is the idea that people in certain situations have a responsibility to protect others. Whenever anyone drives a car, they have a duty to drive in a safe manner so that others are not injured. In the example, the duty is clear since the other person was driving a car
  • Breach – A breach of duty is when a person violates their duty by either taking an action or failing to do something. Here, rear-ending another car sitting at a red light is a fairly straightforward example of a breach of the duty that all drivers have to drive in a safe manner
  • Cause – Next, a plaintiff must demonstrate that it was the breach of the duty of care by the defendant that caused the injuries. In this example, the plaintiff must be able to prove that their injuries were caused by the accident
  • Scope – A plaintiff must also show that the injuries were foreseeable considering the facts of the case. Suffering strains to the neck and back are certainly foreseeable from a rear-end accident
  • Damages – Lastly, a plaintiff needs to show that there are, in fact, medical injuries

While there are certainly caveats to these requirements for a negligence case, this is the basic framework that New Haven car accident lawyers use to evaluate cases.

New Haven Car Accident Attorneys Can Help

It is understandable to be anxious after a car accident. From wondering what kind of medical treatment you should get, how to fill out complicated insurance forms from your carrier, and dealing with aggressive claims representatives of the defendant, it can be overwhelming. New Haven car accident attorneys are available to help every step of the way. The fact of the matter is that most car accident cases never need to go to court.

By collecting all of the evidence in the case, we negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf to work toward the fair compensation that you deserve. If the case does need to go to trial, attorneys examine all of the evidence in your case, talk to witnesses, and prepare you to testify. Do not take any unnecessary chances, contact New Haven car accident lawyers today.

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