Preventing New Haven Accidents Involving Bad Weather

New Haven, Connecticut is extremely vulnerable to poor weather conditions during the winter. Due to these circumstances, accidents are a common occurrence during the winter time. However, there are preventable measures a driver can take in order to avoid causing or being the victim of an accident. If you would like to know more about preventing New Haven accidents involving bad weather, be sure to schedule a consultation with a knowledgeable attorney.

Why is it Dangerous to Drive in New Haven During the Winter?

Driving in New Haven during the winter time can be especially dangerous due to the icy and snowy roads. The population is also very dense, placing much more pressure on the plowers to do their job. However, some municipalities, towns, and cities do not have a sufficient amount of snow plows on the roadway.

The roads in Connecticut consist of many bridges, such as small overpasses and the Pearl Harvard Memorial Bridge. These roadways are susceptible to freezing, making them extremely treacherous during snowy weather. The proximity to the coastline in Connecticut can also create additional storms. Many accidents occur in this area forcing drivers to take extra precautions when traveling on these roads.

Warning Signs Indicating Potential Weather-Related Accidents

One of the first things drivers should do before driving in tumultuous weather is checking the status of the roadways. Drivers can go out onto the road and examine the condition of the roads. Drivers can also pay attention to new reports providing New Haven with consistent traffic/road related updates. While driving, a person can pay close attention to the movements of their car. If they feel that the car is lacking grip onto the road, that is an indication that there could be ice on the roads. If that is the case, then drivers should slow down and drive cautiously.

Drivers should also test their brakes ahead of time in case they need to slam on the brakes. Poor brakes in general lead to auto accidents. However, combined with horrid weather conditions, having flawed brakes could lead to a devastating accident.

Steps a Person can Take to Avoid Weather-Related Accidents

One of the best ways a person can protect themselves from a weather-related accident is to abide by the recommendations of the DOT commissioners or the governor when they say that people should not drive. If a driver has no other choice but to drive during a snow/ice storm, it is important to leave significant following time behind the car in front, as well as driving below the speed limit to avoid slamming on the brakes too hard.

Additional tips when preventing crashes is to make sure the vehicle’s lights are properly functioning. This includes headlight, tail lights, and emergency signals. If possible, it is recommended that people have appropriate snow tires and snow chains in order to maintain grip during snowy/icy conditions. Drivers could also winterize their vehicles so that they can perform properly and stop in a timely manner.

Getting in Touch with a New Haven Car Accident Attorney

For more information about preventing New Haven accidents involving bad weather, be sure to get in touch with a skilled attorney. A lawyer with extensive experience in dealing with these types of can answer any questions regarding auto collisions, how to file an injury claim, and how to avoid being in a situation where you might be liable for an accident. Schedule a consultation with an attorney today.