Role of a New Haven Bad Weather Car Accident Attorney

Bad weather-related auto wrecks are dangerous accidents which could render victims seriously injured as well as leave their vehicles badly damaged. Victims of this accident are entitled to receive compensation for their injuries as well as for any property damage done to their car. For more information about how to pursue this type of civil suit, contact a dedicated attorney. The role of a New Haven bad weather car accident attorney is to ensure that you are granted a positive result for your injury claim. To get started, schedule a consultation today.

Initial Steps to Take Following an Accident Involving Bad Weather

The first thing a driver should do after being involved in a car crash involving turbulent weather is to stay inside their vehicle. If it is snowing, the roadways are extremely slippery, allowing the possibility for cars to slip and crash into other cars. It is best practice for drivers to stay in their vehicles and call the police if they have suffered injuries a car crash. When calling the police, keep in mind that the response time may be delayed due to the inclement weather. This can be frustrating for victims and understandably so, however, it is imperative to wait for the police to show up before stepping out of their vehicle.

After the police have arrived on the scene and helped the victim get out of their vehicle safely, it is important to seek medical treatment. An ambulance may be called, but in the event that it is not, victims should be sure to visit a hospital after a crash. This is not only recommended for their overall health, but could serve as a legal record should an injury claim be filed and taken to court.

How Does Dangerous Weather Impact Assignment of Fault?

Dangerous weather can play a role when assigning fault in a car crash, but making it the basis of an argument in court could prove to be futile. While inclement weather can play a factor in an auto accident, other factors should also be taken into account such as the reasonable speed based upon the road conditions. If a driver was found to be driving 15 miles per hour above the speed limit before being involved in a crash, that should be included in an accident claim.

How to Proceed With a Case if There is Not Another Vehicle Involved

For accidents involving only one vehicle where the other driver involved in the crash may have fled the scene, the first thing a victim should do is secure and investigate if there are any witnesses. If there were no witnesses, an attorney can present an underinsured/uninsured motorist claim against the insurance company for the injured party in the event the other driver left the scene.

Attorneys can also bring forth a claim against a driver on behalf of the passengers. Such examples include taxi drivers, Uber/Lyft drivers, bus drivers, etc. These drivers are also subject to traffic laws like everyone else. If they fail to drive in a reasonable manner or were driving recklessly, injured passengers can file a civil suit against the driver.

Recoverable Damages in a Dangerous Weather Accident

Victims of a weather-related accident are also entitled to recoverable damages. This can include medical bills, any lost time from work, and the loss of enjoyment of life. If the injuries sustained are permanent, victims are entitled to damages that should cover any future treatment as well.

The plaintiff is also entitled to receive damage awards if the victim has suffered property damages due to the fault of another. This can include damage to a person’s car, the loss of the use of their car, or any towing recovery or storage charges from a tow-truck company. Victims are also entitled to receive compensation to have their vehicle repaired at the shop of their choice.

Evidence to be Used in a Bad-Weather Related Car Crash

The most effective type of evidence that can be used in a bad-weather related car crash claim is photographs. Pictures can show any injuries sustained by the victim as well as any damages inflicted upon the vehicle. An attorney can also site meteorological reports from the National weather status, data from the National Oceanographic Administration, and local meteorologists who provide detailed radar reports from across the state.

Importance of Hiring a New Haven Bad Weather Auto Crash Attorney

When planning to file a claim for a turbulent weather-related crash, be sure to take full advantage of the role of a New Haven bad weather car accident attorney. A lawyer can take charge of your claim in order to give you a positive result for your injury claim. Schedule a consultation today to get started on your civil suit.