Benefits Of A New Haven Car Accident Attorney

The time following a car wreck can be confusing and frustrating. This can be especially true when severe injuries and property damage occur due to the negligence of another driver. Someone who suffered severe injuries and property damage should consider the benefits of a New Haven car accident attorney. An experienced car accident lawyer could advocate on an injured person’s behalf and help demonstrate how another party’s recklessness caused the collision. Reach out and set up an appointment to start discussing your potential legal options. Medical bills and other expenses pile up quickly, and a lawyer who understands car accidents could assist a person in fighting for fair compensation to address those unexpected costs.

Common Advantages in Finding Qualified Legal Representation

An auto wreck can present many different challenges for someone who has suffered substantial property damage and injuries. They may be unsure of their legal options or how to handle conversations with insurance companies, police, and opposing legal counsel. Some of the benefits of a New Haven car accident attorney include having a skilled legal advocate who could speak on their behalf and help articulate the hardships they underwent during and following the collision.

Communicating with the Insurance Company

After hearing about the collision, the insurance company typically will contact the individual and request a statement. However, a person should speak with their attorney prior to the conversation, as the insurance company may attempt to use the statement against a person later on. Sometimes a person’s initial statements may contain inaccuracies and an insurance company may attempt to use such mistakes as a reason to deny the claims. It is also very common for insurance companies to use cost-saving methods that could potentially reduce a person’s coverage based on slight errors or inaccuracies found in their initial statements and the overall incident.

Additionally, the insurance company could try to eliminate certain expenses by offering property replacements of lesser value. For example, many times, an individual in a crash will be offered a rental car by the insurance company of the person who caused the car crash. Ideally, the rental car should be the same or similar to the car they were driving. If they are driving an SUV, the rental should be an SUV and if they are driving a luxury vehicle, the insurance company should offer them a luxury rental. Furthermore, if a person refuses the rental car, they are usually eligible for something called the loss of use. The loss of use reimburses the individual for the additional costs they may have to make due to the accident.

Evidence Collection

Other benefits of having a New Haven car accident attorney includes assistance with evidence collection. A dedicated lawyer who is familiar with car accident cases could immediately request a police report to help detect errors or inaccuracies. Additionally, they could help ensure event data recorders or information to how fast both vehicles were traveling at the time of impact were preserved. This could substantially help a person demonstrate how another driver’s recklessness on the roadway led to their collision. A lawyer may also be able to request cell phone data from the opposing party.

Seeking Compensation

From unexpected medical costs and property damage to loss of income due to time away from work, a person may incur significant costs associated with the collision. A diligent car accident attorney could examine the different factors that contributed to the crash and work to identify effective ways of seeking compensation from the negligent driver. Such compensation could substantially help an injured person recover and address their unforeseen expenses.

Think About the Advantages of a New Haven Car Wreck Lawyer

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your auto collision, it may be important to weigh the benefits of a New Haven car accident attorney. A lawyer who is well-practiced in car accident cases could assess the factors of your crash and work tirelessly to hold a reckless party accountable for their actions. Call today and arrange for a consultation to get started on addressing your legal needs.