Common Causes Of New Haven Car Accidents

Auto collisions occur for a multitude of reasons. However, there are some conditions where wrecks are more likely to happen. For example, when another driver operates their vehicle negligently, they typically create a higher risk for an accident to occur. If you or a loved one suffered significant injuries and/or property damage following a collision, consider learning more about the common causes of New Haven car accidents. Reach out to a compassionate car accident lawyer and schedule an appointment to start discussing your potential legal options. An attorney who understands the devastation of such accidents could help demonstrate how another driver acted negligently and work to identify opportunities for receiving fair compensation.

Frequent Conditions in Which Car Collisions May Occur

Many accidents in New Haven occur on Interstate 91 and 95. This can especially be true when construction on the roadway takes place and the traffic pattern changes. Other common causes of New Haven car accidents include distracted driving. There are many cases of people who are driving distracted by using mobile devices and either speeding up when they should be slowing down or they run a stop sign or fail to yield when merging. In addition to the different forms of distracted driving, some individuals who act negligently on the roadway operate their vehicles while intoxicated. This action is both illegal and extremely dangerous, as a person’s ability to maneuver traffic and react to the changes on the roadway become significantly limited.

Furthermore, when drivers accidentally take left-hand turns without checking their blind spots and oncoming traffic correctly, they may cause a collision. For example, when a car is going straight and a person attempts to make a left-hand in front of them, the two vehicles are likely to have a T-bone collision.

Proving Distracted Driving

The particular cause of an accident often impacts the way the case is handled. In instances of distracted driving, a lawyer generally will assess if there is any evidence suggesting a driver operated their vehicle while distracted or intoxicated. To avoid legal consequences some individuals may attempt to tamper with or even destroy certain evidence that points fault in their direction. Regardless of such misconduct, an attorney could work tirelessly to show how the other driver’s recklessness caused the crash. Additionally, when a driver commits a drunk driving offense an injured party may have other legal ways of holding the negligent individual accountable. The state of Connecticut has something called the Victim’s Bill of Rights, which means victims of crimes are entitles to certain privileges. A dedicated attorney who is familiar with the common causes of New Haven car accidents could advocate on an injured person’s behalf in court and help ensure they are treated fairly.

Wrong Way and Rear End Collisions

In some car accidents, a driver may have operated their vehicle on the wrong side of the road or have accidentally hit another car on the back bumper. Rear end collisions and wrong way accidents can lead to severe injuries. Following such accidents, the injured individuals should seek medical treatment immediately and request documentation of the injuries they sustained. By doing this, it could help show how the other driver’s negligence caused their injuries.

Contact a Skilled Lawyer About the Common Causes of Car Wrecks in New Haven

Someone who has sustained severe injuries and extensive property damage after a car collision may strongly benefit from meeting with an experienced car accident attorney. They could explain how common causes of car accidents in New Haven may impact your case and help advocate on your behalf in court. Call and schedule an appointment to begin reviewing your potential legal options.