New Haven Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

Being the victim of an auto wreck is a scary experience no one should have to suffer through. Unfortunately, car accidents are a common occurrence. Drunk driving accidents, in particular, tend to occur very frequently, and the injuries victims could sustain as a result of someone’s impaired driving could be quite severe.

If you or a loved one has suffered damages as a consequence of someone’s decision to drink and drive, it is essential to get in touch with a skilled car collision attorney today. A New Haven drunk driving accident lawyer could work with you to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Recoverable Damages in Drunk Driving Wrecks

Victims of drunk driving accidents are entitled to full compensation for all losses they have suffered as a result. This includes property damage and injuries. Compensation can be calculated based on medical bills, lost wages, reduction or loss of earning capacity, and any future medical treatment. It is also possible to recover for non-economic damages as well, such as pain, suffering, and annoyance. A dedicated New Haven drunk driving car accident attorney could help an injured victim calculate and recover damages.

Victim’s Involvement in a Drunk Driving Case

A victim’s involvement is vital towards obtaining any significant recovery. However, the main focus of the victim should be on healing. An attorney may ask the victim questions regarding the details from the accident, but the role of an attorney would be to undertake most of the responsibility that comes with filing an injury claim. A New Haven drunk driving accident lawyer will handle most of the interactions with insurance companies and any opposing parties.

Laws Regarding Comparative Negligence in New Haven

In New Haven, if a person is found to be partly responsible for the accident which caused the injury, the amount they could recover for may be reduced based on the percentage for which they are at fault for. For example, if the victim is found to be at least 20 percent at fault for the accident, they would only be able to recover for 80 percent of their damages. If a victim is worried about receiving less than what they are owed, they should immediately get in touch with an accomplished lawyer for help with receiving full compensation.

Situations Where the Victim was Also the Drunk Driver

In cases where the victim was intoxicated due to the consumption of alcohol at the time of the accident, they may still be able to recover damages depending upon the circumstances of the crash. If a drunk driver was struck while crossing a stop sign by another driver, they should still be able to recover compensation since their impairment played no part in the accident. However, if their impairment led to a careless accident, it may be difficult to recover compensation for any damages suffered.

Who Decides to Press Charges?

When filing an injury claim, the decision belongs to the victim when deciding to take legal action. However, it is strongly recommended to get in touch with a drunk driving accident lawyer in New Haven before taking legal action. Although the decision ultimately falls onto the victim, an attorney could review the facts of their case and give a professional opinion on a person’s eligibility to receive compensation.

Benefits of Hiring a New Haven Drunk Driving Car Accident Attorney

One of the many benefits of getting in touch with an attorney is that you would be working with someone who has experience in dealing with such injury cases. A New Haven drunk driving accident lawyer could work with you to hold the at-fault party liable for their negligence. To get started on your claim today, be sure to schedule a consultation with a hardworking attorney today.