What Makes New Haven Drunk Driving Accidents Unique

Drunk driving accidents are usually some of the most severe accidents a person could be a victim of. Not only could a drunk driver cause a person to incur massive injuries, but they could also be subject to expensive medical bills following treatment. However, what makes New Haven drunk driving accidents unique is the amount of damages you could recover. For these specific accidents, you may be able to recover triple the amount of damages you are owed. To learn more, contact a knowledgeable attorney today.

Examples of Unique Drunk Driving Accidents

What makes New Haven drunk driving accidents unique from other accidents is that drunk driving crashes often involves the arrest of someone. The person who is believed to be drunk at the scene of the collision is likely to be arrested. This means that a police report may assist in the documentation of an incident. In addition, the victims of drunk driving accidents may be able to recover compensation potentially worth double or triple the amount of their damages. Victims of drunk driving accidents are also more likely to secure compensation upon filing an injury claim.

Further, we often see evidence of blood alcohol levels and other scientific evidence that may require experts to assess the intoxication level within a number of drinks that the defendant had on the date of the crash. Finally, drunk driving crashes often involved serious injuries because the driver can potentially be unaware of the speed or of the damage that he may cause to another and so, we see often that vehicles involving – or crashes involving drunk driving by the defendant can cause – or increase the damages or injuries to the plaintiff.

Unfortunately, drunk driving crashes tend to be more severe than common crashes because oftentimes the drunk driver is unable to brake in time due to their impairment, potentially crashing into someone at high speeds. As a result, victims are entitled to higher damages since their injuries tend to be more severe.

Common Fact Patterns Regarding Drunk Driving Accidents

Most drunk driving crashes occur between the hours of 6 PM and 3 AM since this is the most common time for people to drink or buy alcohol. Unfortunately, in recent years, people have been known to begin drinking earlier in the day. This has led to an increase in drunk driving accidents during the day. Drunk driving accidents are also usually caused by intoxicated drivers traveling on the wrong side of the road, through one-way signs, or falling asleep behind the wheel.

Presentation of Criminal Charges

Any criminal matter resulting from a drunk driving accident is usually handled as a separate matter.  The case usually involves separate judges and different attorneys. The prosecutor of the State of Connecticut is usually the driving force behind any charges pursued following a drunk driving accident. Victims are entitled to pursue civil action against the at-fault party for the recovery of damages. However, it is ultimately up to the state to decide whether they should criminally charge the individual.

Reaching out to an Attorney

Preparing to file an injury claim is never an easy process. However, by knowing what makes New Haven drunk driving accidents unique, you may be able to recover the full amount of damages owed to you. For example, by knowing how a drunk driving accident may increase the amount of damages owed to a victim, you may be able to accurately calculate the damages owed to you and receive more than what you initially expected. Contact an attorney for more information.