New Haven Failure To Yield Accident Lawyer

Failure to yield collisions frequently happen because someone acted negligently. These types of accidents generally result in severe injuries and extensive property damage. A person who has incurred such damages should reach out to a caring New Haven failure to yield accident lawyer. A dedicated car accident attorney could work with an injured person to help them hold the reckless party accountable by seeking compensation. Call today and arrange for an appointment to start discussing your potential legal options.

Understanding a Failure to Yield Auto Collision

A failure to yield accident typically refers to a situation in which someone fails to stop at the stop sign, fails to obey traffic signals, and fails to obey the yield signs. Furthermore, when a driver fails to yield they also violate the right of way. When a car that is traveling straight either without a traffic signal or with a green traffic signal, they typically have the right of way on the roadway. Also, in traffic rotaries or traffic circles, the cars that are in the traffic circle have the right of way.

Identifying Fault in Failure to Yield Cases

Proving fault in failure to yield car collisions is not always an easy process. The challenges an injured person may encounter include a lack of witnesses or an accusation of speeding. For example, if a person is traveling through an intersection at an increased rate of speed, but another individual is taking a left-hand turn in front of them, there may be a dispute about who is at fault for the collision. Fortunately, a dedicated New Haven failure to yield accident attorney could review the facts of the case and determine who is at fault for the collision.

Common Fact Patterns Surrounding Failure to Yield Accidents

Some common conditions in which failure to yield collisions occur include intersections, on ramps and off ramps, and areas with significant vegetation. In addition to these conditions, a driver may be operating their vehicle while distracted. Many individuals become distracted by navigation GPS systems and cell phones.

Road rage is another factor that may contribute to a failure to yield car crash. An example of how road rage may influence a failure to yield crash could involve a person feeling wronged by another driver on the road and then attempting to pull out in front of them at an intersection. This type of road rage could cause a significant accident with severe injuries and property damage. An experienced New Haven failure to yield accident lawyer could examine the factors surrounding the collision and advocate on their behalf to hold the careless driver responsible.

Consult with a Seasoned Failure to Yield Car Accident Attorney in New Haven

A failure to yield auto wreck can be extremely frustrating, as the incident generally is due to a careless driver. A person who sustained injuries and damage to their vehicle may substantially benefit from seeking the legal counsel of a reliable New Haven failure to yield accident lawyer. Working with an attorney who understands these types of collisions could significantly improve your experience in court. Reach out and set up a time to discuss your legal options.