New Haven Side-Impact Collision Lawyer

A side impact collision is when a person is traveling straight and they are struck by someone from the side of the vehicle. These crashes can be very severe because they typically involve two moving vehicles without any ability to stop. Also, the vehicle that is struck on the side often is unaware or did not know that they are about to be struck. As such, they are unlikely to reduce their speed.

Side impact collisions tend to occur on the state routes and going through Townsend City and New Haven County as well as the other roads through various cities and towns. These are typical situations in which someone is driving straight and when a person is coming out from a stop sign or stop light did not see the person or is not paying attention. These situations are also common at stop lights or stop sign intersections. If you have been injured in a side-impact collision, speak with a capable New Haven side-impact collision lawyer. A skilled car accident attorney could devote the time and resources necessary to achieve a positive outcome for you.

Common Effects of a Side-Impact Crash

Side-impact collisions can lead to serious injuries. Airbags tend to deploy, protecting but also injuring people. Side impact collisions can also cause impact to the windshield, window, or mirror, as well as damage to the vehicles themselves.

Most concerning are the physical injuries. Whiplashes, lacerations, seatbelt burns, airbag burns, and other fractures and orthopedic injuries can occur. Concussions are also a concern in any time that there is a car crash, especially ones involving side impact because they are typically more severe. Some of these crashes even result in a fatality.

Steps to Take Following an Accident

The first thing that a person involved in a side impact collision should do is absolutely to call the police. In Connecticut, as a requirement, any time there is a motor vehicle collision, police should be called. The next step, once they call the police, is to make sure that they get the medical care that they need. If they have any injuries or pain during the collision, it is important to report that to medical personnel and then go to the emergency room.

When someone is injured in a collision, sometimes they do not realize the extent of their injuries, so it is important to seek treatment as possible. After they received treatment, they are going to start receiving phone calls from the insurance company. Some people believe that they should call the insurance company after the collision. However, their best decision after a car crash is to call a New Haven side-impact collision lawyer as opposed to an insurance company. The attorney is going to be able to give them guidance.

Insurance companies often call in an attempt to reduce their liability or responsibility in some way and they are usually calling to try to lock them into a story. After that, the injured person should continue to seek medical treatment as needed and to continue to work with an attorney to make sure that all aspects of their claim are protected.

Recoverable Damages in Side-Impact Collisions

A person involved in a side impact collision can recover damages for their injuries and property. This includes medical bills, emergency room bills, the ambulance bills, doctor’s bills, and the lost time from work, including lost wages, incapacity or the inability to make money.

People are able to recover monies for permanent injuries that they have suffered, such as a body part that is injured and does not fully recover. In those situations, doctors can make a determination that their injury would be permanent and that courts in Connecticut will allow them to recover money for that. Further, courts in Connecticut allow them to recover for future treatments for any injuries that they have suffered as a result of the crash. They are also entitled to recover money for pain and suffering and in Connecticut, that includes pain and suffering and the loss of life’s enjoyment. A New Haven side-impact collision lawyer could help an individual recover the damages that they deserve.

Wrongful Death Statutes

If someone passes away as a result of the collision, they are able to recover several specific damages under Connecticut wrongful death statute. General Statute Section 52-555 provides for compensation for any medical bills suffered by the person who died, funeral expenses, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, and pain and suffering by the person who passed away, as well as damages for the death itself and its effect on the family.

Property Damage

In terms of property damage, they are entitled to recover money for the damage that was caused by the collision, as well as any property that they had in the car. Furthermore, they are allowed to recover money for the loss of use of the vehicle during that time period. This may include a rental car or money for the loss of use of that vehicle.

How a New Haven Side-Impact Collision Attorney

If someone has been involved in a side impact collision, a New Haven side-impact collision lawyer could help in handling gathering queries from the insurance company and providing guidance and counsel for the person who has been involved in the crash. They can ensure that all medical insurances are being applied to the bills and help manage the out-of-pocket expenses. Attorneys can also take the burden off of people by enabling them to work on their case on behalf of the client so the client can focus on getting better.

Attorneys can also provide background information of the person who caused the crash so they can best negotiate with the insurance companies. They can hold the careless driver and their insurance company accountable for their actions.