New Haven Traffic Stops at Night

A New Haven traffic lawyer might say that if an individual is pulled over when it is dark out in the evening or very early morning hours, it does slightly change the situation. Under these types of settings, it would be ideal for an individual to pull over in a well-lit area that is in a shoulder or another location that is safe for both the car to pull over as well as for the officer to park the vehicle and get out of the officer’s patrol car. Ideally, an individual is looking for a location that is either on a shoulder or another safe location that is well lit. Contact an experienced attorney if you have questions about your New Haven traffic stop.

Differences to Traffic Stops During the Day

In terms of the actual stop, what changes is the fact that the officer will in all likelihood have the lights on as well as a spotlight which illuminates the area, but in doing so, it could cause a glare in both the driver’s rearview and side mirrors. Additionally, the officer will very likely have a flashlight. It is important, in this situation, as the officer approaches, for the driver to have their left hand on the steering wheel and that person’s right hand on the back of the passenger seat, that way the officer knows that they are not at risk in terms of having a firearm or knife or any other dangerous weapon. It attempts to de-escalate the situation from the very beginning.

Additionally, the stop is also affected by the ability of the officer to see inside the vehicle. The individual who is stopped may see that the officer is using their flashlight in the car, trying to see what they can see inside the vehicle. This is what is called the plain view search. This may be used as the basis to ask the person to step out of the vehicle and could lead to a further arrest on other charges. The primary difference between a daytime and nighttime stop is simply going to be the obvious, meaning the lighting. The lighting is really the thing that changes the most and addressed in reacting in these types of situation, a person wants to look for a place that is safe and that is well illuminated for everyone’s safety.

Biggest Mistakes to Avoid During a Traffic Stop at Night

The worst thing an individual can do when they have been pulled over for a traffic stop is escalating the situation. Even if an individual feels that they have been wrongfully pulled over, that they did not do anything wrong, the most important thing a person can do is remain calm, cool, and respectful.

An individual does not want to turn a minor traffic violation to a criminal arrest by aggravating the situation and escalating it to a dangerous situation. Anytime a person is pulled over on the side of the road with cars going by, both the officer and the individual are in a position where either could be severely injured. It is very important that the individual stay calm and respectful and any issued that they have with the stop is something that we can address at court.

What to Do During a Traffic Stop at Night

Furthermore, many individuals believe they can talk their way out of a ticket and that information is used as evidence against the individual in the prosecution of the case so the worst thing people can do is escalate the situation and try to talk themselves out of the ticket.

When an individual is pulled over at night when it is dark out, they should pull over to the safest location, look for an area that is well lit, roll down their window, turn on their inside consul window and inside consul light.