Orange Family Lawyer

Family law matters impact people from all walks of life, without regard to economic status, race, gender, or age. When facing these life-changing events, it is common for emotions to run high, which can quickly make a bad situation worse.

If you are divorcing a spouse, establishing child custody, petitioning for child support, or dealing with another family law issue in Orange, CT, it is important to seek legal help from a knowledgeable and understanding Orange family attorney that has a successful track record representing families with circumstances similar to your own.

Divorce Proceedings

When a couple plans to divorce, they are, essentially, requesting that the court dissolve their marriage, suing their spouse for a portion of their assets, and requesting relief for some of their debts. When a couple had a longer marriage, made large joint purchases, owned a business, or when kids are involved, divorcing is not simple.

Since divorces are fairly common, some people believe that it is as easy as filling out forms, which is a gross underestimation of the process.

An Orange family lawyer’s job, in that case, is to explain each step of the process so that the client understands. A family attorney in Orange can study any relevant financial documents to make recommendations about the fair and equitable resolution to the case.

Child Custody

When a marriage or relationship bore minor children and the parties divorce or separate, a parent’s time with the children and their freedom to be a fully involved parent is at stake. The outcome of a child custody case dictates the restrictions for both parents.

Absent extenuating circumstances, most courts accept that both parents being involved in their children’s lives is in the best interest of the kids, but the court’s determination may not be in the best interest of the family as an entity.

It is important that parents work together to reach an agreement on child custody, rather than have the court or another entity decide how involved each parent can be in the lives of their children. The court will intervene only if the parties cannot reach a decision, absent court intervention.

If the court is required to determine child custody, there are multiple factors involved in the decision, such as whether there is a history of physical or emotional abuse or a history of substance abuse, among other issues. Ultimately, no one wants a third party to decide their future or dictate their ability to be involved in their children’s lives. An individual should consult with an Orange family lawyer to effectively move forward with their child custody case.

Child Support

The custodial parent, which is the primary caretaker, is entitled to child support from the non-custodial parent. While both parents are required to contribute to their child’s financial needs, there is no court order in place for the custodial parent so they are not required to spend a preset amount each month toward the child’s expenses.

To determine the appropriate child support payment, the court considers the income of both parents and the number of children that they have together.

Additionally, the court will typically enter a health insurance order when it is available through one parent’s employer or when it is available through another entity. The court also uses a mathematical equation to determine how the parents will share child care expenses.

Finally, when there is a significant change to either parent’s income or situation, or the child’s circumstances, the child support order can be modified to accommodate the change.

Contacting an Orange Family Attorney

If you are considering a divorce, do not hesitate to contact an Orange family lawyer who can advise you of all your legal options and discuss the possible next steps that are best for you and your family.