Motor Vehicle Collision – $43,500

In this case, our client was a passenger in a car accident caused by a negligent driver pulling out of a parking lot too soon. Our client, who was pregnant at that time, required overnight monitoring of her pregnancy. She also required additional follow-up doctor’s visits to make sure that she did not suffer untoward effects of her pregnancy. Fortunately, the baby was born healthy and she did not suffer any lasting effects from the crash.

We were able to secure for her $20,000 to resolve the underlying case, which was the entirety of the insurance policy of the person who caused the crash. We then secured our client an additional $23,500 from her own underinsured motorist vehicle coverage. This resulted in a total recovery to our client of $43,500. Luckily, she and her baby have had no lasting effects from the injuries. Crucial to that case, and increasing its value, was our ability to secure the surveillance video from in and around the area of the crash that showed the car rolling over.

Motor Vehicle Collision – $2.5 Million

Our client suffered a fractured hip, leg, head injury and arm injury, when she was a passenger in a vehicle that drove off the road into a tree near Torrington. She required hospitalization, but made a good recovery with limited permanent injuries and future care. The insurance company settled the case for $2,500,000.00 at a settlement mediation prior to the start of the scheduled jury trial.

Motor Vehicle Collision – $290,000.00

Our client suffered an injury to his shoulder, known as a torn rotator cuff, as well as neck pain. He was a police officer on duty when he was struck by a driver coming in the opposite direction near Route 5 in Connecticut. Our client required significant medical treatment, surgery and suffered lost wages. Despite photographs that should minimal damage to both vehicles, our firm was able to settle our client’s case for a $290,000.00 payment from the insurance company.

Motor Vehicle Collision – $32,800

In this case, we were able to secure $32,800 to resolve an underinsured motor vehicle. Our client, the injured party, was struck by a motor vehicle on the highway. Although she had pre-existing back pain, we were able to secure the evidence necessary to establish that the car crash that occurred on Interstate 84 in Manchester was the result of an exacerbation of her pre-existing conditions. 

Furthermore, we were able to recover $25,000 from the insurance policy for the person who caused the crash. This number was combined with our recovery against the insurance company for her own vehicle, which she had an under ensured motorist policy protecting her from when someone strikes a person or causes them injury in a crash but they do not have enough insurance to cover the extent of their injuries. Despite making a good recovery and returning to her baseline of pre-existing back pain, we were able to secure her $25,000 plus the $32,800 for a total of $57,800.

Motor Vehicle Collision – $27,000

Our client suffered neck, back, and carpal tunnel injuries when his SUV was struck from behind by another motor vehicle in Glenville, Connecticut. He required both physical therapy and Dry Needling due to the injuries sustained in the crash. Additionally, golf clubs and bicycles were damaged in the car crash. Due to these factors, we were able to secure a settlement of $27,000, allowing our client to make a significant recovery.

Motor Vehicle Collision – $25,000

In this case, we were able to secure the entirety of the defendant’s insurance policy of $25,000. The at-fault driver lost control of his vehicle which caused a significant collision between him and our client. The defendant knew his vehicle had brake and steering failure yet still attempted to drive the car to the mechanic. He caused our client’s car to spin and ultimately crash into a telephone pole.

The safety features in our client’s car prevented her from having serious injuries. She was able to receive treatment for her injuries which included diagnostic imaging and physical therapy, even though she did not have medical insurance. Her total medical bills amounted to $5,000. The defendant was negligent and committed reckless actions that inconvenienced our client. However, we were able to have a successful case, ensuring her recovery.