Shelton Alimony Lawyer

On top of emotional and personal struggles, a divorce may often prove challenging in economic terms as well. Divorce decrees generally involve many such financial decisions regarding spousal support, division of property and/or assets, and in some cases child support. As a result, both partners in a divorce may have serious concerns about the type of alimony awarded and the final amounts set by the court.

A Shelton alimony lawyer can help you understand the role alimony may play in your life after a divorce, whether you are the partner paying it or receiving it. Get in touch with a skilled spousal support attorney now to discuss your options.

Types of Alimony

There are three types of alimony that Shelton alimony attorneys help with, including lifetime alimony, lump sum alimony, and periodic alimony.

Lifetime alimony is rare and lasts the entire life of either spouse. Typically, this kind of alimony will be awarded when one spouse was the primary earner in the marriage and the marriage has lasted for a very long time. However, it will end if the person receiving spousal support remarries.

Lump sum alimony provides the recipient with a one-time payment, or a few installment payments adding up to a predetermined value at which the payments will end. A court may award this type of spousal support when one spouse needs a larger payment at once rather than a lifetime of smaller amounts. Lump sum alimony cannot be modified or terminated.

Finally, periodic alimony centers around a set period of time during which one spouse must regularly pay the other a specified amount. Unlike lifetime alimony and lump sum alimony, periodic alimony typically does have a predetermined end date and does not have a maximum amount that can be paid out, respectively. Also, periodic alimony can be terminated if a spouse remarries, or modified if there has been a substantial change in circumstances.

Factors for Alimony

A court will decide on a type of alimony and amount based on a number of factors. These factors include:

  • The duration of the marriage and the reason for the divorce
  • How property was divided in the divorce
  • Age and health of each partner, as well as their educational level, vocational skills, and employability
  • The career prospects, methods of income, and financial holdings of each partner

If the couple has children under legal adult age, the court may make a determination as to the possibility and desirability for the parent with custody to stay at home with the children.

All these factors combined will give the court a better idea of each side’s needs and resources, and help them understand which type(s) of alimony is appropriate.

Speak with a Shelton Alimony Attorney Today

An alimony lawyer can not only inform you about how the law regarding alimony will be applied to your case, but also provide you with options regarding spousal support. Alternatively, if both sides are willing to compromise then they may be able to reach a private agreement.

Either way, a Shelton alimony lawyer who can represent your financial needs may be just what you need to make sure your interests are protected.