Shelton Criminal Lawyer

Being arrested for alleged criminal activity could drastically alter your life. Even if you are only accused of committing a misdemeanor offense, a conviction for any charge would result in the creation of a criminal record and may lead to expensive fines and a potential jail sentence.

Accordingly, anyone facing criminal charges should take the accusations seriously. In many cases, it may be wise to retain a Shelton criminal lawyer to assist with your case. A focused criminal defense attorney could work to understand the events leading to a charge, factors that may influence sentencing, and tailor a defense to fight specific charges.

Criminal Charges in Shelton

Criminal charges in Shelton are divided into two categories. Less serious charges are known as misdemeanors, which are then classified into Class A, B, and C offenses. Misdemeanors usually involve minor bodily harm, the destruction of property, or disturbing the peace. Though these may not seem like the most severe charges, a conviction for any misdemeanor offense in Shelton could result in a jail sentence of up to one year.

Connecticut charges more serious crimes as felonies, which are also separated into multiple classes. Many actions may result in felony charges, such as arson, armed robbery, drug distribution, and sexual assault. In some cases, certain aggravating factors such as the use of a dangerous weapon may elevate charges and increase penalties. While the most serious felonies could result in extended prison sentences with long mandatory minimum imprisonment, lesser felonies may result in sentences of no more than five years in prison.

Regardless of the charges faced, individual defendants could retain a Shelton criminal lawyer to help defend them against criminal charges. In addition to providing a defense, a qualified lawyer could help individuals understand their charges and fight to mitigate potential punishments.

The Process of A Criminal Trial

A criminal lawyer in Shelton could represent a potential defendant from the moment charges are brought against them, even while they are in police custody following an arrest. An attorney may advise what questions to answer after being accused and the process of a criminal trial.

After charges are filed, the court typically schedules an initial hearing known as an arraignment to decide upon pre-trial release and bail. Other pretrial hearings would then be held to answer questions regarding evidence discovery, admissible police work, and other issues of law. An attorney could provide representation throughout this entire process to help maintain the rights of those facing Shelton criminal charges.

Finally, the court would schedule a date to hear the criminal trial. At trial, both the prosecution and defense lawyers may present their claims before the jury. Typically, a criminal defense attorney would rely on the evidence found during discovery, witness testimony, and cross-examination of a prosecution’s case to defend against charges.

Consulting a Shelton Criminal Attorney

Even minor criminal charges can send your life into chaos. In addition to the potential criminal consequences, the courts could seize property, implement restraining orders, or hold you in custody until your case is heard. For this reason, it may be beneficial when facing a criminal charge to take the necessary steps to protect yourself as soon as possible—including hiring a Shelton criminal lawyer.

Allow aggressive legal counsel to advocate for you throughout court proceedings. Whether your charges allege a small misdemeanor or a serious felony, a Shelton criminal attorney may be able to provide guidance and work to mitigate penalties. Reach out today to explain the charges you face and begin building a strong defense claim.