Stratford Criminal Lawyer

If you are arrested, the first thing you may need to do is contact a criminal lawyer. It is almost never a good idea to speak to law enforcement officers without an attorney present, nor is it wise to think you can explain the situation to a police officer and everything will sort itself out.

While a felony charge is a greater offense, it is also often crucial for those arrested on misdemeanor charges to obtain legal representation as soon as possible. Lesser crimes can have severe, long-term consequences. A Stratford criminal lawyer could protect your rights and aggressively defend your interests. Contact an experienced criminal attorney right away to begin your defense. En Español.

Felonies in Connecticut

Once convicted of a felony, a person’s life changes forever. While the worst-case scenario is a life sentence, even felons who serve their sentences and are released often find their lives restricted. In some cases, it even becomes difficult for them to find a job or housing.

A felony conviction usually means the end of a professional license or security clearance. If the convicted felon is not a U.S. citizen, they may face deportation once their sentence is complete, even if they are legal immigrants.

Classifying Types of Felony Offenses

If convicted of a class A felony, a person may spend ten to 60 years in prison. Class A felonies in Stratford include murder, sexual assault, arson, or kidnapping in the first degree, aggravated sexual assault of a minor, and home invasion.

Class B felonies, which involve prison terms ranging from one to 20 years, include manslaughter, burglary, larceny, robbery, money laundering, possession of child pornography, or identity theft in the first degree, kidnapping or arson in the second degree and firearms trafficking.

Those convicted of Class C felonies in Stratford may face prison terms of one to ten years. Class C felonies include forgery in the first degree, manslaughter, sexual assault, or burglary in the second degree, arson in the third degree, bribing a witness, and escaping from custody.

Misdemeanors in Connecticut

While less serious than felonies, a misdemeanor conviction can still mean jail time and significant fines. Class A misdemeanors carry jail terms of up to one year and include reckless endangerment or criminal trespassing in the first degree, threatening or criminal mischief in the second degree, assault or strangulation in the third degree, sexual assault in the fourth degree, criminally negligent homicide, and prostitution.

Class B misdemeanors carry a sentence of up to six months in jail, while a Class C misdemeanor conviction can land someone behind bars for up to three months. The latter category includes DUI convictions. It may be critical to speak with a Stratford criminal lawyer about consequences someone may face for misdemeanor offenses.

Drug Crimes

Penalties for the sale, manufacture, or possession of drugs depend on the amount of the substance involved, the circumstances of the charge, and any previous drug convictions. For example, a person convicted for the first time of selling at least one ounce of heroin faces a five-year mandatory minimum sentence and may face up to 20 years in prison. A second conviction means the person could stay in prison for life.

How a Stratford Criminal Attorney Could Help

Stratford criminal lawyers thoroughly investigate cases and review the prosecutor’s evidence. From there, a strategy to fight the charges can be developed, potentially including plans for a plea bargain or a defense in court. If you or a loved one are arrested in Stratford, Connecticut, you may need the services of a Stratford criminal lawyer.