Stratford Appeals Lawyer

Following a guilty verdict in a trial, a convicted person may tend to believe their chances for a positive outcome are lost. This may not be true since anyone who is convicted of a crime could still appeal a court’s decision.

An experienced Stratford appeals lawyer who specializes in helping convicted parties either plea for a lesser sentence, or ideally, to defeat the charges and conviction altogether could review your case.

Some convicted parties may not be aware that they are not required by law to retain the lawyer who represented them throughout trial proceedings. It may not be uncommon for a convicted person may be unhappy with their representation at trial and could feel that a skilled appellate attorney may offer the best recourse for filing an appeal.

If you or a loved one has been convicted of a crime, and you believe there is more to be said on your behalf, a hardworking criminal attorney could help you seek an appeal. A seasoned lawyer may be willing to fight relentlessly on your behalf and help you avoid the long-term and potentially life-changing consequences of a criminal conviction.

Common Grounds for an Appeal

There may be numerous common grounds for appealing a convicted party’s case. Among the most common and successful grounds are unjust sentencing, court error and/or negligence, acts of misconduct, and new evidence.

Unjust Sentencing

A convicted party’s punishment must fit the crime. If it does not, a judge may have inexplicable and unfair biases against a defendant or a defendant’s attorney.

Court Error and/or Negligence

While a defendant may be entitled to a fair trial, the court system is complex and there are many moving parts. Errors could be made that might affect a case’s integrity.

Acts of Misconduct

Defendants have certain rights which may not have been honored. An illegal search-and-seizure by the cops or neglecting to read a suspect their Miranda rights may fall in this category.

New Evidence

If new evidence emerges after a party is convicted that may prove a convicted party’s innocence, an appeals attorney may successfully petition the court to grant a new trial.

Even if the above options do not apply to a convicted party directly, the counsel of a appeals attorney in Stratford may reveal previously unseen possibilities for appeal and exoneration.

How an Attorney Could Help

For parties who have been unfairly convicted of a crime, justice may still be attainable with the legal insight and counsel of an experienced appellate attorney. Parties could find invaluable advocacy in the form of an appeals lawyer in Stratford if they have been found guilty of one, or more, of the following types of crime:

  • Crimes against the property- crimes such as theft, robbery, burglary, embezzlement, bribery, fraud
  • Crimes against the person- crimes such as battery, assault, homicide, robbery, manslaughter
  • Crimes against justice- perjury, obstruction, malfeasance in office

Contact a Stratford Appeals Lawyer

Even if a convicted party is not comfortable appealing their case to a higher court, an experienced appeals attorney could successfully advocate on their behalf. A zealous appeals attorney may successfully argue that a convicted party’s sentence should be reduced to a smaller fine, or shorter jail sentence, or even argue that probation or community service are more practical and fair consequences.

A convicted person who feels compelled to appeal to a higher state or federal court could enlist the help of a diligent and professional appeals attorney who could argue that the defendant’s case should be reconsidered, re-tried, or thrown out altogether.

If you, or a close associate, has recently been convicted of a crime in Connecticut, a dedicated and tenacious Stratford appeals lawyer may be a powerful ally in your pursuit for justice.

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