Stratford Conspiracy Lawyer

Conspiracy allegations can take a variety of different form, ranging from conspiring to commit larceny or steal someone’s identity to conspiring to murder someone. Because of the varying severities of misdemeanors and felonies that someone can be charged with conspiring to execute, you should enlist the assistance of a Stratford conspiracy lawyer to help you explore your options and construct a strong defense if you find yourself facing such charges.

A professional attorney is familiar with the tactics that the police and prosecution may use to try and prove you are guilty of conspiracy. They could have the expertise and experience to help reduce the likelihood that you are convicted of conspiring to commit a crime.

The Elements of Conspiracy in Stratford

In order to be guilty of criminal conspiracy in Connecticut, the prosecution must be able to prove— according to Connecticut General Statutes §53a-48—the following three elements:

  • The accused party indeed agreed to commit a criminal offense with another person
  • The accused party took steps to initiate the crime
  • At least one of the conspirators committed an overt act toward committing the crime

According to C.G.S. §53a-51, an individual charged with conspiracy will be charged to the same grade and degree as whatever offense they were conspiring to commit. However, if someone is suspected of conspiring to commit a Class A felony, they would only be charged with Class B conspiracy.

Regardless of how involved someone is in the conspiring of the crime, they would be charged in line with the most severe offense they were involved in conspiring to commit if the three aforementioned elements were carried out. A seasoned Stratford conspiracy lawyer could work with plaintiffs to contest the allegations against them and defend their best interests both in and out of court.

How A Lawyer Could Help

There are various defense tactics and options that first-time offenders could utilize in an attempt to reduce or even completely prevent the penalties that come with a conspiracy conviction. For example, if an alleged conspiracy crime is an individual’s first offense, they may be able to partake in an accelerated rehabilitation program that would allow them to maintain a clean criminal record.

However, in order to be eligible for such a rehabilitation program, the accused individual must succeed in an accelerated rehabilitation program hearing. This process would involve the review of school transcripts, character references, and other means of proving to the court that the person charged with conspiracy should be allowed to partake in the program and have their charges dismissed.

A Stratford conspiracy attorney could help a first-time offender prepare for the hearing effectively. They could also help explain to the court why the accused individual should be granted candidacy for the program.

Speak with a Stratford Conspiracy Attorney Today

Whether it is an individual plaintiff’s first offense or not, there may be certain defenses that could disprove conspiracy charges in court. For example, an individual could have thought they were agreeing to an act that they believed to be lawful, or perhaps just been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

If you were accused of conspiracy in the state of Connecticut, consider reaching out to a Stratford conspiracy lawyer today. No matter how many people are trying to prove your guilt—prosecutors, police, or even your alleged co-conspirators—your attorney could work hard to defend your case and combat the charges against you. Call today to schedule a consultation.