Stratford Expungement Lawyer

The state of Connecticut allows those with criminal records to request the expungement of certain crimes. Expungement involves the erasure of a person’s entire criminal history, which can improve career prospects, the probability of loan approval, and educational opportunities.

If you were found guilty of a crime and are concerned with how that crime has affected or may affect various opportunities in your life, you should contact a Stratford expungement lawyer to explore the possibility of expungement. A qualified criminal defense attorney could help you determine whether this is an option worth pursuing in your particular situation.

Expungement Eligibility

If it has been three years since an individual’s conviction for a misdemeanor or five years since their conviction for a felony, that individual may be eligible for an expungement of that charge in the state of Connecticut. However, those exploring expungement as an option must not have been convicted of any further misdemeanors or felonies in the wake of the conviction they are looking to have expunged.

In addition, the individual must not have any pending misdemeanors or felonies in any other state or country while undergoing the expungement process. In order to ascertain eligibility and next steps, those interested in beginning the expungement process should contact a Stratford expungement attorney as soon as possible.

The Expungement Process in Stratford

Individuals seeking to have a criminal charge expunged in Stratford must first submit a request for expungement to the Connecticut Board of Pardons and Paroles, which is the agency responsible for receiving and reviewing expungement requests. There are several supplemental documents that must be submitted along with this expungement request, which is also known as a pardon request.

The Connecticut Board of Pardons holds eight hearings each year, and even if someone does receive a hearing, the entire expungement process can take up to two years. A seasoned expungement lawyer in Stratford could help prepare someone to address the following elements of their particular case if they are enjoined to appear at a Connecticut Pardons Board hearing:

  • How long it has been since the crime was committed
  • How long it has been since the individual was convicted of the crime
  • The severity of the crime, as well as the nature of the crime was violent or non-violent
  • If there were any victims, and if so, the impact upon those victims
  • The path the client is now on, which can be proven through diplomas, work history, certificates, etc.
  • If the individual has gotten involved in their community, such as by partaking in community service
  • Character references

How a Stratford Expungement Attorney Could Help

There is a great deal of paperwork, persuasion, and patience required in submitting an application for expungement and having the case reviewed by the Connecticut Board of Pardons. With the right evidence and the help of a Stratford expungement lawyer, though, you may have a chance at having your criminal record expunged and therefore have the opportunity to move forward with a completely clean slate. To learn more or to schedule an initial consultation, call today.