Stratford Failure to Appear Lawyer

Facing a charge of failing to appear in court could overwhelming since such an accusation nearly always occurs in the wake of facing another criminal charge of some nature. Instead of living in fear of a warrant out for your arrest, you could be proactive by seeking legal representation to help you navigate your case and pursue a positive outcome.

A Stratford failure to appear lawyer could argue on your behalf that you had a reasonable excuse for failing to appear and could work hard to have your failure to appear warrant vacated. If you do not want to surrender yourself to police and risk mug shots, fingerprinting, and being booked because your court notice arrived at an old address or you were unable to appear in court for any other reason, a steadfast criminal defense attorney may be able to help.

What an Attorney Could do to Help

It is not unheard of for people summoned to appear in court to fall prey to circumstances that prevent them from being able to attend court on the required date. With a seasoned lawyer, a person charged with failure to appear may have a chance at convincing a judge to take their reasoning into consideration when evaluating potential charges and sentencing.

Valid reasons individuals may miss a court date may include but are not limited to:

  • Inability to get adequate time off from work
  • Illness
  • Disability
  • No longer residing in the court’s jurisdiction
  • Travel
  • Not having legal representation

A failure to appear lawyer in Stratford could help such an individual prove to the court that they made a mistake and are attempting to rectify their mistake. By proving the accused party made a human error and is trying to amend the resulting consequences, an experienced lawyer may be able to help them avoid the penalties of a failure to appear conviction.

Possible Penalties for Failing to Appear

Since there is not a statute of limitations for a failure to appear charge, a warrant for their arrest for failure to appear could follow a person forever despite the degree of the original alleged offense and their reason to miss the court date.

The Connecticut General Statutes §53a-173 details that when convicted of failure to appear in the second degree, an individual may face up to a year in jail plus $2,000 in fines, as the charge is a Class A misdemeanor. The more severe charge of first-degree failure to appear, which may be charged if someone fails to appear in court after being released on bail for a felony charge or if they commit a felony while on probation, is a Class D felony punishable with anywhere from one to five years’ imprisonment, plus fines of up to $5,000.

A Stratford failure to appear lawyer could help a person who failed to appear for a court date fight any potential penalties.

Talk to a Stratford Failure to Appear Attorney

If you or a loved one did not attend a mandatory appearance before the court, you may be at risk of the penalties that come with being charged with failure to appear. The sooner you reach out to a Stratford failure to appear lawyer and start building your case, the sooner you could potentially prove to the court that you want to take responsibility for the mishap and get back on track. Call today to schedule an initial consultation and see what may be possible in your case.