Stratford Gun Lawyer

Stratford has some of the strictest gun laws—and resulting penalties—in the nation. Since Connecticut does not honor the gun permits of any other state, just bringing your gun into Stratford could land you in considerable legal trouble.

In Stratford, an otherwise law-abiding citizen can easily commit an inadvertent gun crime, but ignorance of the law is never considered an excuse. Talk to a Stratford gun lawyer for help protecting your rights and effectively addressing gun charges. Contact an experienced criminal attorney right away. En Español.

Classifying Common Gun Crimes

Many gun crimes in Stratford carry mandatory minimum sentences. Some of the most common gun-related charges include:

  • Dealer license violation
  • Illegal ammunition possession or modification
  • Sawing the barrel off a shotgun
  • Firearm possession while on parole, or while a restraining order is in effect
  • Failure to perform a background check
  • Semi-automatic to automatic weapon modification
  • Unlawful discharge of a firearm
  • Carrying a firearm without a permit or while under the influence of alcohol

In addition, there are many laws addressing the transport and sale of firearms in the state. Along with jail time and large fines, a gun crime conviction can mean permanent confiscation of firearms. If a Stratford resident is considering the purchase of a weapon, they may want to consult a gun lawyer in Stratford beforehand to ensure they comply with state laws.

Aggravated Offenses with a Firearm

If someone is arrested for a crime—such as assault or robbery—that involves a firearm, such offenses are considered aggravated. A Stratford gun lawyer knows that that means a conviction for the underlying offense may carry additional mandatory prison time because a firearm was used.

For example, if someone uses or threatens to use a handgun in the commission of the assault, they face a mandatory additional sentence of five years in prison. If the gun used is an assault weapon—which are banned in Connecticut except for those grandfathered in prior to the 2013 change in law—they face an additional eight years behind bars.

Assault Weapons Possession

If a person moves into Connecticut with a legally registered assault weapon from another state, they have 90 days to do one of the following:

  • Take it out of the state
  • Render it permanently inoperable
  • Sell it to a licensed gun dealer

The exception is an assault weapon legally registered in another state and belonging to an active member of the US armed forces. Connecticut considers certain firearms to be assault weapons even if other states do not use that definition. Modifications to firearms can turn them into assault weapons under state law, such as additional magazine carrying capacity, barrel shrouds, folding stocks, flash suppressors, and a second-hand grip.

Benefit of an Attorney

Experienced gun lawyers in Stratford know the intricacies of Connecticut’s complex gun statutes and could thoroughly investigate the circumstances of your case to develop a defense strategy. If you are eligible for a pre-trial diversionary program, that option can be explored. If you or a loved one are arrested on gun charges, consider retaining the services of a Stratford gun lawyer.