Stratford Pardons Lawyer

If you were convicted of a crime in the past and want a clean slate, you may want to explore the idea of requesting a pardon from the Connecticut Board of Pardons and Paroles. There are different types of pardons available for different crimes, and a Stratford pardons lawyer could help you decide which to pursue and how to go about pursuing it.

Whether you were convicted of a felony or misdemeanor, you may be eligible to be pardoned from your permanent record. Pardons improve employment and educational opportunities, the probability of getting loans and scholarships, and ultimately, the ability to move forward. However, pardons applications are complicated, lengthy, and have a great number of requirements, so enlisting the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney is generally a good idea. Work with a skilled lawyer that could advocate for you.

Full Pardons

The most common type of pardon in the state of Connecticut is a full pardon, also known as an expungement. This is the type of pardon that Stratford residents with criminal convictions most frequently pursue because it has the most ideal outcome: a total erasure of one’s criminal record. In other words, when an employer, lender, landlord, or university runs a background check, an individual who was granted expungement of their criminal record would have a clean and clear background check result.

Conditional Pardons

A Stratford pardons attorney could also help someone pursue a type of pardon called a conditional pardon, which is similar to a full pardon in that results in a total removal of any past criminal record. However, if the Connecticut Board of Pardons and Paroles grants someone a conditional pardon, they must fulfill certain requirements before having their criminal record expunged.

The conditions are always directly related to the crime the individual was convicted for. For example, they may include drug counseling for drug offenses, a defensive driving course for reckless driving, or even parenting classes for child neglect. Once an individual fulfills the requirements outlined in their conditional pardon in the time frame provided, they would have their criminal record erased.

Certificates of Employability

The third type of pardon available to residents of Stratford is called a certificate of employability. This kind of pardon leaves an individual’s criminal record intact but results in the state issuing an individual a certificate that classifies them as employable. This means they would be able to acquire and maintain different vocational licenses, such as a commercial driver’s license (CDL) or a teaching license, that a criminal record would otherwise preclude them from having.

While it does not erase someone’s criminal record, such a certificate does give them a chance at seeking the career path they have been wanting to pursue. It is unlawful for an individual to be turned down for employment on the basis of their criminal past after being issued a certificate of employability, and a pardons lawyer in Stratford may be able to help anyone who goes through this kind of situation anyway.

Getting in Touch with a Stratford Pardons Attorney

Past mistakes should not have to define your future. However, there are a number of different eligibility requirements necessary to fulfill before moving forward with a pardon application, so professional help from dedicated legal counsel may be warranted.

If you want to take the first step toward improving your employability and perhaps erasing past criminal records altogether, consider reaching out to a Stratford pardons lawyer to get the process started. Call today to schedule a consultation and see how you could move forward with requesting a pardon.