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Perjury is a very serious offense. While many people think of perjury as making false statement under oath in court, the legal definition of perjury extends beyond this scope. Anyone who is caught making false statements in a legal situation can be charged with perjury. Anyone who is found guilty of perjury may be subjected to steep fines and extensive prison sentences. Clearly, the potential consequences of a perjury charge and perjury conviction are far-reaching and severe.

Fortunately, with the professional legal counsel of a Stratford perjury lawyer on your side, the chances of successfully presenting an effective defense and getting charges reduced or outright dismissed are increased greatly.

Legal Definition of Perjury and Consequences in Stratford

Perjury, which is a Class D Felony in Connecticut, is defined in Section 53a-156 of the Connecticut General Statutes. It holds that a person is guilty of perjury if, during an official proceeding, a person intentionally, while under oath or in an unsworn declaration, issues a false statement, or swears, affirms, and testifies falsely, to a statement which, said person, does not believe to be true.

Perjury can occur in court, in any legal scenario where the accused promises to tell the truth, in a deposition, or in a signed declaration or affidavit. In Connecticut, a Class D Felony is punishable by up to $5,000 in fines and up to five years in prison. Furthermore, a perjury conviction can have long-term personal and professional consequences that extend beyond the fines and penalties associated with the crime.

Building a Defense

Though a charge of perjury is daunting for those accused, an experienced and resourceful Stratford perjury attorney can help craft a successful defense on an accused party’s behalf. After all, not all situations in which a person lies under oath are legally considered perjury. A successful perjury conviction relies almost entirely on the prosecution’s ability to prove the accused’s intent to perjure himself.

One such defense is when an accused party makes a statement under oath that they believe to be true, or was not aware that the statement they made was false. In such a scenario, there is a clear lack of intent on the accused’s part. Another potential defense that a persistent Stratford perjury attorney might pursue is helping to establish that the accused actually and fundamentally misunderstood the question being asked of them.

In some scenarios, a perjury defense attorney can prove that the accused was actually coerced by a third party, thus also disproving the element of intent needed for a criminal conviction of perjury.

Even if none of the above-listed defenses directly apply to an accused party’s scenario, a Stratford perjury lawyer may still be successful in exploring and unearthing other successful defenses. Even in situations where a successful defense seems improbable or impossible, a savvy perjury defense lawyer can successfully minimize or perhaps eliminate penalties that have long-term effects.

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