Stratford Sex Crimes Lawyer

In Stratford, Connecticut, the term sex crime refers to a wide range of illegal acts that involve illicit sexual activity. Anyone accused of a sex crime may need to take immediate action to safeguard their rights, as the state will often attempt to charge individuals accused of sex offenses with multiple crimes at the same time.

A conviction on sex crime charges can have profound consequences, and many of these consequences can have a lifetime impact. If you are facing sex crime charges of any type or severity, do not hesitate to contact a Stratford sex crimes lawyer for help defending yourself both in and out of court. Call a seasoned attorney today to get started on your case. En Español.

Definition of a Sex Crime

There is a wide variety of acts that are labeled sex crimes in Stratford. The following illegal acts are often considered sex crimes by the court of law:

  • Forced sexual intercourse with an individual (rape)
  • Unwanted touching or sexual contact (sexual assault)
  • Using sexually inappropriate language or gestures to another person (sexual harassment)
  • Having sexual relations with a person who is unable to give informed consent (sexual battery)
  • Engaging in sexual conduct with a minor or a person under the legal age of consent (molestation)

A person who is charged with any of the crimes listed above should immediately contact an experienced Stratford sex crimes lawyer.

Potential Consequences of a Conviction

In the state of Connecticut, sex crimes are prosecuted aggressively and taken very seriously by the court system. Individuals who are convicted of such crimes may face lengthy prison times, steep fines, and frequently find their personal and professional lives suffer irreparable damage even after serving their sentence.

In addition to prison time, post-release supervision, and legal fees, individuals convicted of sex crimes may encounter additional punishments such as:

  • Forced sex offender registration
  • Difficulty finding housing and employment
  • Inability to pass a background check
  • Loss of voting privileges and other civil rights
  • Loss of community standing

If a convicted person is not a fully naturalized U.S. citizen, there can even be immigration consequences. Furthermore, any parent or guardian convicted of a sex crime may lose custody of their child, especially if they are in the middle of a custody battle or divorce.

Hire a Stratford Sex Crimes Attorney Today

A sex crime conviction can have far-reaching consequences for anyone involved, and sex crime charges can be complicated and difficult to understand without an extensive legal background. For this reason, hiring an attorney would be a wise decision for anyone charged with a sex crime. An experienced lawyer could help you better understand the charges you are facing and show you how to proceed in a way that maximizes your chances of achieving a positive result.

If you want a skilled defense attorney during your trial, consider hiring a Stratford sex crimes lawyer with a history of winning cases. The court system is often unfriendly towards individuals charged with sex crimes, so you may need to fight back to defend yourself and preserve your reputation. Get in touch with an attorney who is ready to fight for you today.