Building a Stratford Theft Defense

When accused of a theft offense, you may be feeling shocked, scared, and worried about your future. Luckily, an experienced larceny attorney could help you with building a Stratford theft defense, which could potentially help you achieve a positive outcome. For more information about the process of constructing for defense or if you have been charged with a theft offense, contact an attorney today.

Common Defense Strategies for Theft Cases

When building a Stratford theft defense, an attorney may use a three-pronged approach. A lawyer would first look at whether they could factually prove whether the prosecution could prove all the elements of the alleged offense. Secondly, an attorney would formulate a plausible defense to the prosecution’s arguments. Lastly, a seasoned attorney would try to high light the good character of the defendant. This is done by mentioning their field of work, if they are in school, if they volunteer, and have a family to care for.

Benefits of Hiring an Expert Witness

The purpose of hiring an expert when building a defense is to refute the prosecution’s claims with insightful and trustworthy information. Defendants should expect the prosecution to bring forth a thoughtful and intelligent argument accusing the defendant of theft. In order to prepare for such an argument, a defense attorney would hire an expert to potentially expose the weaknesses in the prosecution’s accusation.

Anyone could call themselves an expert, but an expert worth the respect of the courtroom would by someone who has years of experience practicing in a particular field. Experts are often hired to analyze forensic evidence such as blood samples and fingerprints.

Initial Steps to Take When Building a Theft Defense

One of the first things an attorney may ask a defendant when building a Stratford theft defense is regarding their background and anything related to their character. Once this is done, a lawyer would then try to obtain information about the court and the prosecutor. The main focus is to determine what evidence they have and what claims they will make. This is completed through the discovery process. As soon as this information is obtained, they would conduct their own investigation by requesting to see evidence or speaking with witnesses.

When working with a lawyer, it is recommended for the defendant to allow the attorney to take on most of the responsibility of the case. This is strongly recommended because an attorney possesses a wide range of legal knowledge which decreases the chance of making an error. When defendants speak with the prosecution, they run the risk of self-incriminating themselves by accident.

Reach Out to an Attorney Today

Building a Stratford theft defense without legal assistance could prove to be a challenging process. By getting in touch with an attorney, you will be working with someone who has your best interests in mind. A lawyer could also speak on your behalf so that you do not say anything self-incriminating to the prosecution, judge, or law enforcement. For legal assistance, contact a seasoned criminal lawyer today.