Stratford Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Receiving a ticket for speeding or another moving violation can be frustrating and expensive, not to mention the long-term consequences it may have on your insurance or your record with the DMV. In order to combat the risks of having a speeding violation on your record, it may be worthwhile to contact legal representation in the form of a Stratford speeding ticket lawyer.

Being ticketed for speeding does not have to lead to heavy fines, increased insurance costs, points on your license, participation in a defensive driving class, or potential for a suspended license. It is almost always a worthwhile endeavor to fight your ticket in court with an experienced traffic attorney by your side.

State Speeding Laws Applicable to Stratford

Speeding, according to Connecticut General Statutes §14-219, is legally defined as any speed fast enough to endanger the vehicle’s occupant. The specific moving violation with which a police officer may charge an individual they suspect of speeding depends entirely on the speed at which they are traveling relative to the speed limit of the road on which the driver in question was operating their motor vehicle.

Anyone traveling faster than 85 miles per hour can be charged with reckless driving, according to C.G.S. §14-222, which carries much more severe penalties, including arrest. However, a dedicated Stratford speeding ticket lawyer could work to have an individual’s speeding charge reduced to “traveling unreasonably fast.” This is still a ticketed offense with penalties but is not as serious a violation as speeding.

Potential Consequences of a Speeding Ticket

Possible penalties associated with being charged with speeding in the state of Connecticut may include, but are not limited to:

  • The accrual of points on one’s driving record, which can lead to a suspended license or the requirement to participate in a driver’s education class
  • Increased car insurance rates, which can mean thousands of dollars lost until the points disappear from the individual’s driving record
  • The violation being reported to the Connecticut Driver Service Division, which shares data regarding traffic violations convictions to other states in the U.S.
  • Fines ranging from $108 to $360 depending on the type of vehicle being driven, the speed at which the motor vehicle was traveling, and if the violation occurred in a construction, utility, or school zone

A seasoned speeding ticket lawyer in Stratford may have the experience and skill set to find errors on speeding tickets, get tickets reduced, or even get tickets dismissed entirely. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding someone’s case, their attorney could work hard to produce a positive outcome on their behalf.

Speaking with a Stratford Speeding Ticket Attorney

Simply signing your ticket and mailing it in with a check can have far more consequences than you would think, including higher insurance premiums and points on your license. If you were given a speeding ticket, you have every right to enlist the help of a Stratford speeding ticket lawyer to help you fight the penalties that may come with being charged with speeding. Call today to explore your options and figure out what path is best for your particular case.